Manifesta has ratings and reviews. Lani said: I didn’t by. Jennifer Baumgardner, To ask other readers questions about Manifesta, please sign up. Manifesta. Jennifer Baumgardner, Author, Amy Richards, Author, Amy Richards, Joint Author Farrar Straus Giroux $16 (p) ISBN In Manifesta, Jennifer Baumgardner and Amy Richards show the snags in each feminist In an intelligent and incendiary argument, Baumgardner and Richards .

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Throughout the book the authors traces feminism’s evolution from the First Wave suffragette movement to the Third Wave feminism of today, all the while encouraging readers to continue the feminist fight of previous generations. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Baumgardner and Richards [11] ask the fundamental but often overlooked questions, “who are the feminists? Jun 11, Carrie rated it really liked it.

I’m sorry but the way they used words like righteousness and sister just made me cringe. To ask other readers questions about Manifestaplease sign up. It’s more like a thrown-together anthology of white feminism, with some ‘picture this’ writing thrown in.

They tie together personal stories of mother-daughter relationships with the bigger jeennifer.

Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism, and the Future

This changed my life. As I close in on the full Cannonball, I’m trying to wrap up a lot of books that I’ve put down over the course of the year. I’m really disheartened to pick up a book on feminism, and continue to see my sexuality being under fire because people don’t understand it.

Twelve years later and we have made so little progress.

Manifesta : Jennifer Baumgardner :

She moved to New York City after graduation and in began working as an unpaid intern for Ms. It is a movement with the very clear goals of social and political change. Refresh and try again. I also loved the section of the book that covered the differences between older feminists and newer feminists second and third wavers while bridging those awkward and tense gaps.


I have abandon This book is incoherent. This edition inculdes updates from when the book was published in For our generation, feminism is like fluoride.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. They call Native Americans “American Indians”, and even though they’re quoting a Native American woman, they still definitely shouldn’t have said this use “the ‘red roots of white feminism'”.

Those continuous flaws throughout the book left an unpleasant taste in my mouth upon finishing it. Both live in New York City. Jennifer negating younger feminists to being “Jell-O-shots versions of feminism” being a very ironic statement, considering the numbers of this movement wholly rest on the younger generation l Nah In an intelligent and incendiary argument, Baumgardner and Richards address issues instead of feelings and the political as well as the personal.

But it still had a dated and slightly stodgy feel This was a long read with some dry parts here and baumgardher, but it is definitely a feminist text that is very much for the younger generation. It’s about abortion, promiscuity, STDs, leaving your religion. We use cookies to give baumgarrner the best possible experience. Both of the authors, Baumgardner and Richards, were profoundly influenced by feminism from an early age, as both of their mothers took part in consciousness-raising groups, and Baumgardner’s went even further to participate in the staged laundry strikes.

Box parents patriarchy percent political programs published radical rape Redstockings Riot Grrrls Roiphe’s Sassy says Second Wave sexism sexual social Stoller story Street Susan talk teenage things Third Wave Foundation tion voice vote voters Washington woman women’s magazines women’s movement women’s rights word write wrote young feminists young women zine.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Too superficial and general – I was looking for more critique and more bite. In ManifestaJennifer Baumgardner and Amy Baumgardne show the snags in each feminist hub–from the dissolution of riot grrrls into the likes of the Spice Girls, to older women’s hawking of young girls’ imperiled self-esteem, to the hyped hatred of feminist thorns like Katie Roiphe and Naomi Wolf–and prove that these snags have not, in fact, torn feminism asunder.


Lists with This Book. This was a long read with some dry parts here and there, but it is definitely a feminist text that is very much for the younger generation. Oh, they also blame all black people of the time for creating the Black Power, because it wasn’t the previous “more egalitarian and racially integrated civil-rights movement, which meant not only that whites were kicked out but that, generally speaking, black women were demoted from being organizers to simply being ‘nation-builders’ mothers “.

I found it to be a little too self reflective and found their refusal to allow for variations in what feminism mean to be alienating and frustrating. Books that introduce common ideas can be wonderful, but rarely hold much for more advanced readers.

Mar 19, Joy rated it it was ok. Aren’t there bigger baujgardner than Ms.

Going forward, I’ll be avoiding these generic overviews of feminism, whether targeting and young women or not. The current things we have in place for justice are also inadequate, since the vast majority of rape victims don’t want to or choose not to press charges.

They clarify that there is no one formal alliance composed of “the feminists,” but instead, feminism is a fluid alliance among individual citizens.

In she produced the documentary film Speak Out: Trans feminism, baugardner the idea much of it from Judith Butler that gender is performed and a growing belief that gender exists on a spectrum, complicated the legitimacy of women-only spaces as sites of unadulterated liberation.