Malefic Time is a visual project created by Spanish artists Luis Royo and Romulo Royo. It is set in a post apocalyptic world that mixes reality led to the decay of the Novel(s), Malefic Time Codex: Apocalypse. Comics, Malefic Time: SOUM. Codex Apocalypse has 15 ratings and 1 review. Ivona said: Kniha, která mě rozsekala jako katana hlavní hrdinky nepřátele. Krásné kresby jsou dotvářené de . La lucha ya ha empezado, pero las respuestas se resisten a ser desveladas. Codex Apocalypse es la nueva entrega de la serie Malefic Time. El proyecto más.

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Plenilunio, Ecos del Irkalla ; its creators NoSoloRol Editions wanted to paocalypse a little more of the world than what the graphic novels show of the universe Malefic Time. Mer rated it it was ok Dec 13, Here is where we meet Luz, a young girl with white hair, that tries to survive as many others. In the dilapidated warehouse where she lives there are hundreds of books and papers that she brings from her walks through the city libraries, all of them with apocalyptic themes, Romanesque paintings books, books of Masonswitchcraftalchemynotes of prophets and seers, oriental writings, Aztec and African art, reproductions of paintings from ancient times, Greek mythology or Egyptian hieroglyphics studies.

Products | Malefic Time – Luis Royo & Romulo Royo

There is a limited version of the same features, but with different colors as well as a more elaborate details. The universe Malefic Time, the trilogy formed by the mythical titles Apocalypse, Katanas and Akelarre, now gathered in a boxed set that will delight his followers.

The sword blade is high quality steel and is decorated with elven engravings made with acid. Includes a wooden support for hanging on walls. In this game you will become a precursor, a human with exceptional skills trapped in the war between lunar and apocalypss full of monsters and marvels impossible to understand in this apocalyptic landscape.


Signed codxe numbered by the author with a certificate of authenticity. On a trip of spiritual quest.


Book added to the bookshelf Ok. The way how Vilches conceives literature and his narrative quality are the main causes why Vilches is chosen to join this multipolar, multidisciplinary and universal project leading by the illustrator. A young girl with white hair and tears of blood wanders the streets of an apocalyptic New York. On the back it bears the symbol of the tetragrammaton expressing dominance of the spirit over the elements of nature.

Deck of 78 cards with divinatory instructions. Supplied in metal box with color insert of the figure. Publicada enEstudio en escarlata es la primera entrega de la serie, en la que John H. Vilches to reveal all the keys about the journey of Malefic in the city of New York. We leave you with some pictures of the event and the splendid Luz cosplay.

Alena marked it as to-read Jan 12, Original replica sword from Black Elf comics by Luis Royo. Read online the first chapters of this book!

The silence has installed as a crushing slab on the streets of Tokyo, but the mwlefic are still standing. Veronika rated it liked it Apr 28, Richard Skolek rated it did not like it Apr 10, In exchange for a small monthly fee you can download and read all of the books offered in our catalogue on any device mobile, tablet, e-reader with web navigator or PC. A violent and romantic story that leads to the Apocalypse, a story with oriental flavor in a gothic and tragic world.

Malefic Time Codex Apocalypse PDF

Sam marked it as to-read Nov 01, Last installment of the Malefic Time trilogy with Luz leading the final battle between celestials and fallen. This edition includes illustrations book signed by the author, as well as instructions in several languages. It consists of three panels in full color with a picture of Luis Royo with a malfeic measure of x mm.


In the main cities of Europe, its few inhabitants take refuge around the historical hulls, in the return to a new Medievo. Months later, in Madrid, we met once more and he would give me a surprise. Hence there is a apocalype shudder, the danger made visible: Su presencia puede cambiar el curso de la historia.

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Mlocek rated it really liked it Apr 26, They had perfectly clear what clothes Luz wore, but no idea of how she fed or survived in a world whose society had collapsed to the ground. Portfolio Demons Exclusive edition of a joint work by Luis Royo and Romulo Royo, inspired in the legions of the Fallen from Malefic Time it collects the beauty the wildest sides of these beings of legend.

The search for identity, answer her questions, the cracks and falls are what determine her. The box height is mm. Shin rated it it was amazing Mar 19, In early literary vocation, he is the author of several books of poetry published in different media in a fragmented way. The initial conflict, represented biblically with angel Lucifer’s rebellion against God establishes an unbridgeable rift between these two positions that have continued settling their disputes over human existence.

Malefic Time is a fantasy universe where humanity is not alone in creation: