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It’s really easy to taper in a side seam if it doesn’t seem right once you paper fit. I have lktterloh made a sloper; the shorts being my first Lutterloh pattern endeavour! Thank you so much for your help. I have purchased my Lutterloh kit several years ago. But follow Ann’s directions and you should have one to print out.

Maybe the reason is my body type, the pear with big hip. I invariably have to replace the pattern to check on dot accuracy. This lets me hold the pattern up and test if it is a good fit. It is very helpful. I won’t post it and we can carry this on by e-mail. You are absolutely right about needing to think your way through the construction. The other big differences were determined by the style, as big ‘s skirts, very straight ‘s skirts etc.

The chart will tell you the symbols used to denote front and back. Welcome to a fun way to make patterns.!


As you can see one dot doesn’t work out. Conveniently, I was exactly the same size so didn’t need lutterlloh alter for sizing at all.

It was made for experienced sewers though – the actual patterns have no instructions, there are just general instructions on techniques etc. Is there where it has pulled in? We lutrerloh need to sort out your size you are making this at I would really appreciate your help. I leave the tack and tape in the pattern while I draw the outline. I am using my ruker curve to make the armscye Lutterloh suggests you always hit 3 dots that way you have the curve in the correct angle.


Ann wrote a post on this if you can locate it.

It’s possible that you could ru,er the components separately if you explain your predicament. Have you made the fitting vest first?

This causes mistakes and I don’t use this one. I guess it is?

Lutterloh pattern system

You measure your bust and your hips, and then translate that to the pattern when you copy it with the ruler – here’s the page from the book showing this: I’m going for the pants and top Taken from a pattern book. Some of my tools include some foam for the tack it is smaller than any I have been able to buy so I don’t want to loose it I have a couple of pieces of scrap wood. Anonymous, We agree but the task would be daunting! It’s difficult to give a definitive answer without seeing the actual pattern.

Rulers, Lutterloh System – Economical Sewing

How do I use it or tweak my regular tape rule so as to use it properly? Don’t use that ru,er it missing some really important steps. Thankyou, I saw the shoulder post and it is an awesome idea.

It is called Ergon and was published in Vienna. I cut out another vest this sadly is and my hip is It’s always a good idea to paper fit your pattern luttfrloh be sure it has your desired amount of ease though.

I cut it out and pinned it together. Sometimes, when the material you are pinning into is not sturdy enough, the pin can lean over when you pull the tape taut to mark your dots.


Had to alter the crotch length again. Once you know what adjustments you need you will do that in ever pattern. Many people are not working with paper they can see through, even my pattern paper is too much to see those tiny lines through.

September 26, at The old patterns are only available 2nd hand. Once the vest is well fit you can take those same adjustments and do them on all your Lutterloh patterns. Maybe you used the bust numbers by mistake?

Karin, I think this rluer a jewel for developing vintage patterns, but I don’t like the system. My pack with the pattern system came directly from Germany, it didn’t have a brochure or any fitting information either, so finding this website ultterloh been so useful! You only need a facing where the hashed lines appear. Amazing how it works. We discuss the large bust adjustment and other problems the patterns can give you.

This protects your table from pin holes and holds litterloh pin firmly while you pivot for marking the pattern parts. The problem is also that they claim that the pattern, once you’ve drawn it, will exactly fit your figure, but that’s relative – it takes your bust and hip measurments, and you enlarge it according to that – but that’s only two points of measuring, so you might still lutterloh to make adjustments.

Thanks again for all the information you have made available here.