Every so often, we must remember to download and install the latest help file manually from net/#help. Download the most. Go to the web site net/, click on Program Files, then in . No radio CAT control – Frequency/Band/Mode to be entered manually. Welcome to Logger32, a bit logging program written by Bob manual editing labor of love if you require your log to look correct or you.

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Logger32 |

It will allow Logger32 to amnual the “oddball” calls that sometimes get used for Dxpeditions and other “events”. Network storage is a licensed feature and needs to be activated prior to setup. These became my evaluation criteria.

Clicking in the area down the left hand side of the log entry panel where it says call, sent, received etc. TQSL prompts you for the certificate called “location” to use.

Installing MT More information.

Help Files

However, hover the pointer over the values and both the short and long path values will be shown. In the Logbook page window, click on the record that needs to be resent then right-click on the record in the Previous QSO’s window. The built-in function works nicely with HamQTH. This was logger322 relevant during the Jubilee and Olympics year.


Auto-updates from Club Log are the way to go. This is done as follows:. This only works, of course, if your rig is connected to a serial port to which Logger32 can send the command. LoTW seems to default to the last date you used the system – I normally manuql back a few days, and sometimes right back to the start of my log just to be sure I’ve captured all the LoTW QSLs.

This guide provides the information required to create a new mabual storage location. I would like to put 3, QSO from paper log into Logger32 manually but Logbookentry window has only 5 fields.

Loggerr32 OneDrive from Office This guide explains how to access and use maanual OneDrive for Business cloud based storage system and Microsoft Office Online suite of products via a web browser. A lot of effort over many years has gone into hiding many answers deep within the help file.

You are nearly ready to digitally sign your ADIF-formatted log using the new certificate and submit it The file downloads to your browser’s default download location – I don’t know where yours will go.


That window appears to be fixed and as far as I can tell is not reconfigurable, I’m afraid. K5D comes up as Texas not Desecheo Island.

System Requirement and Connection More information. Normally before you start to receive eqsls it is a good idea to create a file to export to eqsl Click on File on the top Main Menu bar and select Export Files and select eqsl Files. It has mabual features such as the Digital Voice Keyer function.


What is OneDrive for Business at University. It is now talking to your Cluster User program, which in turn is connected to a real DXcluster. A network storage location is used. A simple workaround nearly solves this annoyance. Possibility to tune radio from Logger Kudos to them for their true amateur spirit and for responding positively to reproducible bug reports and improvement requests from users well some, at least: Check that your latest QSO appears at the bottom, and that the details such as UTC date and time, callsigns both the DX and you, as operatorband and mode are all correct.

If you saved the data file in a different directory, good luck figuring out the syntax. Did you test this version? Uploading to LoTW is partly automated – it takes several confirmation clicks to sign and upload the QSOs and mark them as uploaded in Logger Give it a try and see what opens up for you.

Use the audio alerts in the DXcluster window.