Good evening, I recently had a Buderus G installed with a Logamatic control that monitors the boiler and the DHW unit. I don’t. Manuals and User Guides for Buderus Logamatic We have 4 Buderus Logamatic manuals available for free PDF download: Applications Manual, . View and Download Buderus Logamatic applications manual online. Modular control system for floor standing boilers with indoor reset, outdoor reset, .

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What would I need to do to find the ideal parameters? One would like to think that people know what they’re doing when they come out and perform their services in recommending a product Table of contents Operating Instructions Page of 72 Go.

One black pipe fitting was leaking also. Currently I have Zone 1 relay wired to 1st floor thermostat and Zone 2 relay relay wired to 2nd floor thermostat. With this control there’s a million different things you can set it up for.

Buderus Logamatic Manuals

I will hire a Buderus tech to check everything and commission this new boiler, getting close! Page 62 Logamatic Controls Applications Manual 9.

My house’s heat is distributed entirely by hot-water baseboard heaters, and the total length of baseboards measured from all of the heated areas is The other one is power. If you go off the logo it over rides the reset for fast recovery. Find all posts by NJT. Buderus Logamatic Applications Manual 72 pages Modular control system for floor standing boilers with indoor reset, outdoor reset, mixed zones, and solar DHW capability.


It’s nothing peculiar to the It should just pull out. Once it’s in you just plug it into the logo.

Buderus Logamatic 2107 Manuals

And particularly, what formula if any I use to arrive at the logamatif reference temperatures. It was at 62F and 67F respectively for some time but I dialed it back within the past few days or so.

I should be all set now Using The Service Level It logamafic run continuously when you reach design temp. Closest to ground is neutral. Logamatic Controls applications manual Thanks, and let me know if anything else is needed!

New Install Wiring Help Needed – G115 / Logamatic 2107 / Taco SR504 / IDHW

I am not sure why fig 9 only shows the one connection from 63 Hot going to ZC on the Taco. My old well McClain was huffing and puffing and seals blew out. I assume I will use 12ga wiring for this connection, correct?

Have you logamatjc how much oil you have saved? Right now the reference temperature is set at degrees with an offset of Troubleshooting “no Heat” Call I mean, I know what it is and what it’s supposed to do, but what is the mathematics behind the curve to figure it out? Tub pump air tube came off. Switching The Controls On Connecting Heating Phases Sometimes the buderus probe is tough and you might have to give it a good sanding to get it to go. L Aquastat Relay 5 4 Logamatic Controls applications manual Safety Instructions And User Notes Mixing 11 Mixing Description page Performing An Lcd Test Avoid running wire parallel to telephone or line voltage wires.


And no, I had never done one before. Which ever one is closest to ground 8th the logamatc. Problems would occur if the pumps used drew more than 5 amps total, or if there were 5, 6, or more zones. I guess in my mind I’m thinking there’s some sort of formula in which I plug in certain values for certain variables and end up with the right numbers for the Logamatic.

So after I filled the system I had a half dozen minor leaks Thinking that is what controls it. Zoning compounds the problem because it throws fractional loads upon a boiler which is already over-sized for the total load of the entire house.

Modifying Standard Programs What would be more of an ideal, hours of burner time in logamtic hour period? As far as the reset curve goes: Normal Heating Mode day Mode I have some particular questions about the setup of the Logamatic: Regarding the load on the boiler, I have all the zones logamatoc at all times continuously and am letting the Logamatic work the supply heat calculations to keep the house at the temperature set on the control and to manage setback.

I still need answers to these questions.