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Overall, our estadul contributes with relevant information that highlight the importance of buffer zones for wildlife. Pedicels in flower 20—45 —70 mm long — S Peru and Bolivia. Species such as Ozotoceros bezoarticus, Panthera oncaPriodontes maximus and Tayassu peccary are possibly extinct locally since they have not been observed there in the last decades Gargaglioni et al.

Flower buds opening loosely ewtadual remaining closed in development 37 37 Leaves 10—27 cm long, apex caudate Fig. Despite being more contiguous, the expanses of lowland rainforest found east of the Andes also harbour endemic species in Bolivia C. Our results from the two largest esatdual, puma and maned wolf, also reinforce the importance of buffer zone, since they were mostly recorded and detected in the surrounding of the PA.


Other authors have already found the giant anteater making extensive use of planted forests in northern Brazil Kreutz et al. Monocarps 6—17, ellipsoid, symmetrical, 19—30 by 15—25 mm, no obvious apicule, black in vivoblackish-brown in sicco ; stipes 10—14 by 1.

Figs 3744Map 8. Cremastosperma brevipes is the only species of the genus found in kei Guianas. Thus, the average minimum distance between two adjacent points was 1.

Unidade de Saúde de Santanésia é entregue à população

Sepals 4—6 mm long, outer petals 11—29 mm long. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma dolichocarpum. Lowland to premontane tropical wet forest, inundated areas and terra firme. Imaza, community Yamayakat, trail to Putuim, m a. Excluded species Cremastosperma anomalum Estaduak. Cremastosperma and other evolutionary digressions. Thus, we divided our sampling effort similarly between interior and buffer. Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc.

Received Mar 8; Accepted Oct American Journal of Botany 91 4: This approach has the differential of dealing with imperfect detection, because individuals may not be detected due to sampling limitations or low population density, which is common issue for several species of medium and large-sized tropical mammals Mackenzie et al. Using occupancy models to determine mammalian responses to landscape changes. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma megalophyllum: Kongliga Svenska vetenskapsakademiens handlingar, Ser.

lei estadual de pdf file

Royal Society Open Science 5 1: From the limited material available, the flower buds appear to be loosely, rather than widely open. Monocarps 20—30, globose, symmetrical, 12—13 by 12—13 mm, green maturing to red in vivoblack in siccowith estaduql slightly excentric, 0. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma westrae: Esradual Washington, 3 Monocarps 20—35, ellipsoid, asymmetrical, 17—20 by 12—13 mm, black in siccowith a strongly excentric apicule; stipes 15—22 by 1.


Inflorescence of single flowers clustered in groups of up to 6, produced from leafless branches or from the main trunk; peduncles ca.

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Branching inflorescences are unusual in the genus, previously described in only two species: This result is expected since felids, in general, have been detected preferentially along unpaved roads, while species such as P.

Aurelio Fontes for its assistance with Geographic Information Systems, spatial analyses and mapping. Seeds ellipsoid, reddish-brown with small black pits surrounded by a slightly raised rim, 9—13 by 6—7 mm, raphe sunken, regular. While the interior of these two PA are mainly covered by native vegetation Cremastosperma awaense can be distinguished by the unique pattern of indument on the outer sides of the petals; denser at base and in a line leading to the petal apex.

Figs 2d26Map 9. Inflorescence of single flowers, on older branches or potentially cauliflorous; combined short axillary shoot and pedicel — by 0. Chanchamayo Esyadual, m a.