Legio Cybernetica aren’t AI in the sense you can talk to them or anything. The ones in the Horus Heresy had animal-like intelligence. After the. The Castellax, employed in units of one to five by the Legio Cybernetica, has a standard configuration of bolter and bolt cannon armament, and is able to. Hey all, Finally getting round to it, here is an overview of my full painted points of Solar Auxilia. I’m super happy with th Response to Striking Scorpion

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Legio Cybernetica

It can substitute its heavy bolter for a lascannon, melta gun or third power fist, while the standard fists can be replaced with a Siege Cybernegica, autocannons and flamer. When, not if, the bulk of the Tyranids arrive, Imperial calculations estimate that conscription of every living human in 3 Segmentums may not be enough to spare what remains of the Imperium.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. They cybernetica were not true AI, they possessed very powerful machine spirits linked to a Magos via a Cybercortex. They have way more dakka on average.

The Contemptor is larger and more powerful than standard Dreadnought patterns, featuring systems similar to those used by the automatons of the Adeptus Mechanicus Legio Cybernetica branch, including Atomantic Shielding field generator technology that would be implemented into the Storm Shields of Space Marine Terminators. The Cohorts also commanded their own support networks, mobile workshops, transports, battlefield vehicles, orbital landers and even star vessels in some cases, but cyberneticq otherwise forbidden to found their own forges or chantries, making them dependant on webs of fealty, supply and patronage from the great Machine Lord of the Mechanicum and its Forge Worlds for their long-term survival and prosperity.

The Battle Automata of the Legio Cybernetica were among these chosen. Any other damage to the master robot’s other systems has no effect on its slaves.

When the Emperor won his Pyrrhic battle against Horus, the surviving traitor Mechanicum forces fled to the Eye of Terrorwhere they presumably hide to the ‘present day’ of the 41st millennium. What a time to be alive. It also possesses a chassis-mounted Multi-Melta for additional firepower and anti-vehicular damage.

JavaScript is required to view this site. No larger than an armored man, the Scyllax Guardian-automata demonstrates formidable power in a more compact frame.

The designs have remained virtually unchanged since that time, with perhaps only minor cosmetic differences and variations. The service of the Legio Cybernetica on the field of battle was part and parcel of the Mechanicum’s treaty of union with the Emperor, known as the Treaty of Mars called the Treaty of Olympus Mons by the Mechanicumand a great many Cohorts transferred from duties as defenders of the Forge Worlds and retainers of the great Mechanicum factions and sects to act as mendicant regiments in the Great Crusadefighting on every battlefield imaginable and serving many masters.


The Legio Cybernetica can trace its lineage to the time before the legiio of the Imperium of Man when Mars was an independent empire ruled by cjbernetica Tech-priests of the Cult Mechanicus.

They believe that by doing so, some of the robot’s bravery will pass onto them. Eventually civil war erupted across the Red Planet, as the tense relations between the various Mechanicus Leggio who leglo Mars erupted overnight into open civil conflict between those who remained Loyal to the Imperium and those who supported Kelbor-Hal and the Traitors.

The Domitar can be called as cybernnetica more advanced and larger version of the Castellan, the Domitar was also swifter, designed to cross the open battlefield at blistering speeds. Cataphracts are armed and can mount a variety of weapons for various purposes, the most common being one Lascannon above its chassis and a Bolter cybernstica on one arm and one Flamer mounted on the other.

They haven’t really been deployed in recent years, and in many ways they’ve always sort of been ‘Heresy era’. For that matter so many Imperial tech have programming similar enough with ai that the difference is academic.

The Vorax is a hunter-killer robot descended from the aforementioned Crusader legjo, like the Crusader beforehand looks more like an insect more than anything else. Far beyond a simple Cogitator in capacity, it is neither truly alive nor sapient like the dread and cybetnetica “Silica Animus” feared of leegio. In 40k we have the Kastelan which superficially looks similar to the Castellax, being a somewhat rounded, robotic, monstrous creature type with a shoulder mounted weapon and a pair of power fists that can be replaced with twin-linked phosphor blasters.

Its armor makes it essentially impervious to small arms attacks no matter how advanced. Oh, and after all this cheese you won’t need Cortex Controller to bring them to the party.

Ever curious, those early pioneers not only constructed vast hosts of automatons but also gave their creations the gift of independent thought.

Legio Cybernetica – 1d4chan

Instead Magos Dominus and their acolytes form but one of the many factions and sects within the Mechanicum, divided both by technological specialisation as well as rivalry and ancient feud, each vying for power, knowledge and resources beneath the outward unity the organisation displays, shrouded as it is by impenetrable mystery and arcana. Any number of slave robots can be controlled by a single master robot, although the usual ratio is 1 master to 3 slaves.


In many situations a robot may be less effective than a living warrior, even though its reflexes and aim may be comparable, and it is a stronger, tougher and harder opponent to “kill” than a human soldier. Log in cyebrnetica join the community. There are plenty of AI’s present in the 40k universe, to greater or lesser extents, and they all get along fine without going psycho most of the time. Wouldn’t a skitaari’s behaviorisms and actions be infinitely more useful.

Any damage to a master robot’s communicator brings all cybernetoca slave robots to a halt. The forges of the Adeptus Mechanicus turn out many robots of the age-old designs stored within the core memory of their logic-stacks.

Anything physical a man can do, an ork can do better. Members of the Legio Cybernetica tended to eschew the gross cybernetic augmentations of their colleagues within the Mechanicus in favour of subtle bionic enhancements that do not pegio or dilute their outwardly human aspect; but those who know a member of the Legio know that whatever humanity they do show is rare and fleeting.

legio cybernetica

Don’t let Reactor Blast make you think it’s worse to group them up, it’s very unlikely to do any wounds to you at all and if you’re in assault it’ll almost always work in your favor. Whatever the given situation, a robot cubernetica follows its pre-prepared programming, even when such programming will not produce the correct outcome legioo a given situation.

They have access to the dizzying array of weapons and arcana of their Forge World’s arsenals, which they use cyberneetica defence of themselves and their charges.

Contents [ show ]. Community Forum Discord Server. Survivors of the apocalyptic destruction of their race by the Chaos God Slaanesh, the Craftworld Eldar are the last pieces of a lost stellar empire. Due to the enormous power required to power its colossal weapons, the Thanatar was considerably larger than other Battle-Automata.

Wary of the power of these killing machines if they joined together – power enough to overthrow empires as they had done in dark times – it was decreed from the beginning that the Legio Cybernetica would be broken down into small independent units known as Cohortseffectively limiting the power of any single Magos Dominus who ccybernetica one.

Arcane particle whips and atom splitting lasers obliterate ceramite power armor, flay men, and gut tanks. Following the defeat of the Heresy and the banishment of the Traitor Legionsthe dishonored Legio cohorts also fled into the Eye of Terrorcyberetica they remain to this day.