Now it is time to discuss the Great Clans of Rokugan in much more depth and detail. Each chapter examines one of the Great Clans in extensive detail. AEG The Great Clans – Legend of the Five Rings RPG 4th Edition by AEG Games The Emerald Empire of Rokugan has long been one of war and conflict. The Great Clans is a supplement for the Legend of the Rive Rings RPG of the Five Rings RPG (along with other games like the L5R CCG.

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Plus, the return of the Heritage Tables! While not a nation per se this is a vile land where the very air can be poisonous, and foul, unholy creatures are summoned forth by dark powers to breat a never-ending battle against all life in Rokugan.

A very good purchase. The Lion Clan is known as a very aggressive and honor-driven clan. The clan colors are crimson and black.

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The Mantis were not born a Great Clan, but seized the position during one of the greatest conflicts in history, the Clan War.

Enemies of the Empire. They clsns known for their courtiers’ abilities. To ghe observers, the niten looks more like a dance than actual combat, however, niten is a deadly art requiring a great deal of skill and coordination.

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The Phoenix Clan is known as the most skilled with magic in the empire, and also as the most peaceful. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. The Lion Clan is the Right Hand of the Emperor, the defender of his lands and his person, although many dlans the Seppun family and the Imperial Legions are allowed to stand as poor substitutes or so the Lion believe.

The Mantis Clan was formerly a minor clan, until after the Second Day of Thunder, when they won their place as a great clan. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Great Clans are made up of several family lines, each with their own general purpose within the clan.

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Great Clan – Legend of the Five Rings Wiki

Enigmatic and mysterious, the samurai of the Dragon Clan have walked their own path since the Empire was first created. The number of non-human members of Rokugan’s clans is low. They have extraordinary natural tunneling abilities—being that they eat rock for nourishment, this is little surprise.

The clan colors are red and orange. Retrieved from ” https: Seeing a kenku is rare, and getting one to take on a student is nearly impossible. Because of this, they are often used—involuntarily more often than not—by the clans of Rokugan in their various mines.

Great Clans (RPG book)

Known for centuries as the Left Hand of the Emperor, the Crane Clan is responsible for maintaining the balance and integrity of the Empire’s courts and of Rokugani society in general. The Yotsu in the canonical L5R timeline have sworn fealty to the Seppun family and may be on their way to being absorbed by them. The clan families are Kitsune, Moshi, Tsuruchi, and Yoritomo. Among the Minor clans are: Though now little more than low-witted brutes, the ogres once had a thriving Empire, and rumors of great advancements beyond that of even the current humans.


Append content without editing the whole page source. The Lion are militant to a fault and possess the greatest army in the known world. The emperor retains ownership of all lands, however, and the clans essentially rent the lands they use by paying taxes annually. Also, the mysterious Spider clan sees much more attention here.

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Great Clans

They are feared for their prowess and respect for their unflinchingly honorable natures. The Scorpion Clan is known as the Underhand of the Emperor. Besides the conglomoration of minor clans that makes up the L5e, there are other minor clans that have been absorbed by great clans. A ronin family can also be created when a samurai family is officially disbanded but its members refuse to accept the judgment, clinging to their name and traditions while living as wave-men.