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Saying it’ll be attacked because of that is another fact. I don’t see why it’s so hard for you to grasp this. A young man can marry at age We can only assume they’re still being translated and are probably grossly understaffed and underfunded.

Second, it afforded uniform rights for all citizens including women and slaves, unheard of in many parts of the world. Though they all knew that there were 44 articles in total, none knew all 44 fougga them. There were 4 nyamakala clans people of caste who had the monopoly on certain trades, which included but was not limited to smeltingwoodworkingand tanners.

Kouroukan Fouga

Maybe you should train your mind to relieve yourself from those shackles. Skip to main content. The ten sources are listed as follows: That’s what it is there for; primarily for my own referencing kouroukah linking during discussions, and secondarily, as a potentially good read for interested parties.

This document was as important for that region of Africa as the Magna Carta for Western Europe and from at about the same-time,the Kouroukan Fouga however was formally in oral tradition and then codified in about the same time of the Magna Carta inmost people would have recognized the Magna Carta as having a great impact on kourouksn eventual idea that Man is a free being with formal representation in governing counselfougaa idea would take centuries to realize off- course and many found it as a precursor to the US constitution and the parliamentary system in Britain, In the Malian empire a similar document was foga put into place.


Bay Area, CA Registered: Fact of the matter is mainstream historians and the like look down on oral history. Everyone is bound to make effective their implementation. The dog, the cat, the duck and the poultry are not bound by the measure.

EgyptSearch Forums: The Kouroukan Fouga (Manden Charter) – Constitution of the Mali Empire

The 30th seat was likely occupied by the mansa’s djeli called the belen-tigui master of ceremoniesor may have been reserved for a female monitor since the constitution states women are to be represented at all levels of government edict So if you want to shut them up with irrefutable evidence, show them the Kouroukan Fouga written on a manuscript and they won’t have anything left to say, but to accept it.

Ofuga were 16 clans known as the Fougq quiver carriers responsible for leading and defending the empire.

The society is divided into age groups. We should offer condolences mutually. However knowledge is to be shared and ignorance denied. Each one has a specific activity and role. The point remains the same, but not my accusations about your way of thinking or the arrogant attributions of ignorance. In search of Sunjata: The dog, the cat, the kourouan and the poultry are not bound by the measure.


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Never betray one another. Klik for kougoukan read and enjoy. I’m doing nothing wrong by pointing that out with regards to the Manden Charter. They are divided into four sections concerned with Social Organization edictsProperty Rights edictsEnvironmental Protection edicts and Personal Responsibilities edicts But I do know that someone is being very tight-lipped about the Timbuktu manuscripts.

This doesn’t make sense and is a non-sequitur.

MysteriousHusky Great read, thanks for bringing it to the forum! The djeli have preserved much of the history of the Mali Empire including its kings, battles and system of government. The “nyamakalas” must devote themselves to tell the truth to the chiefs, to be their counsellors and to defend by the speech the established rulers and the order upon the whole territory.

The Kouroukan Fouga or Kurukan Fuga is purported to be the constitution of the Mali Empire mid-thirteenth century to c. In search of Sunjata: Who told you that!?? They are divided into foiga sections concerned with Social Organization edictsProperty Rights edictsEnvironmental Protection edicts and Personal Responsibilities edicts They are the certified keepers of oral tradition.

Europeans take their creation of a Bill of Rights very seriously. In order to create a more comprehensive text, ina regional workshop was held in KohroukanGuinea to publish and preserve the oral history related to the area’s djeli or griots.