The Combus is a communication protocol that is integral to the KT It uses a four-conductor cable bus to which several expansion modules can be. Controls two doors and easily links to a network Update firmware directly from system workstation Fast operation, up to , baud Ready to go, no DIP. KANTECH SYSTEMS | KT/K Door Controller, 2-Reader, Kilobyte, ” Length x 3″ Width x ” Height, With Accessory Kit, Metal Cabinet with .

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Kantech KT-300 Installation Manual

Preferably, it should be placed at a convenient distance from the connected devices. Product offerings and specifications are subject to change without notice. Overview Power outputs are supervised and individually protected against short-circuits and surges by self-resetting PTC. Posted May 29, The KT was communicating via the RS port and you installed a VC to communicate via the RS port; c You were using the KT at a local site and now want to configure it for remote operation.

Power interruptions of any length are often accompanied by voltage fluctuations which may damage electronic equipment such as an access control system. Become a hattrix end user. The maximum communication loop length is 1.

Visual Status Indicators leds 2. Kantech KT Installation Manual 14 pages. Sign up for a new account in our community. Connect the battery leads to the battery, and connect the AC transformer. The four Combus terminals of the main panel must be connected to the four Combus terminals or wires of all modules.


If the KT loses communication with the module, it will initiate a module reset and will power down the Combus for five seconds in an attempt to reset the problem module.

Register a new account. After all wiring is completed, apply power to the KT Applying Power After wiring is completed, apply power to the KT Alarm Panel Integration Kits. KT CABmounted in a dry, secure location. It says not assigned. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.


If a device operates only by AC power, any interruption, however brief, will render that device inoperative while it does not have power. Controllers are linked together through their RS connectors. Kanteech June 16, Don’t have an account? The blue heart beat lights flashes 4 times.

Kt Compliance Specifications Backup battery provides operation of up to 12 hours but has been tested only 4 hours per Section 33 of UL, fifth edition. This method uses existing wiring for data exchange between EntraPass and the controllers.

Products which Kantech determines to be repairable will be repaired and returned. A set fee which Kantech has pre- determined and which may be revised from time to time will be charged for each unit repaired.

Posted June 6, Before I begin, let me tell you I do not have a lot of experience setting them up. Built-in Combus expansion means that relay, input, and output modules can be added to connect HVAC systems, elevators, motion detectors, and more.


Already have an account? EntraPass Go Mobile App. Flash memory allows for firmware updates from an EntraPass workstation in just a few minutes. Kantech will not accept any shipment whatsoever for which prior authoriza- tion has not been obtained.

KT Door Controller The KT door controller supports up to two readers, which can be installed either on a single door to monitor both entry and exit or on two separate doors. Case Study – MC Assembly. Then, connect the AC transformer. Kantech must first obtain an authorization number. Paying a company a couple of hundred will be well worth it. Make an earth ground connection to the cabinet of the KT as per the requirements of your local electrical code.

Posted July 18, This module allows a maximum of 16 outputs and a maximum of up to 50 mA per output. Not all products include all features.

Kantech Kt-300 2 Door Controller 128kb Memory Metal Cabinet

Posted May 30, If the lithium battery stops working, return the circuit board to Kantech. Page 4 Installation and Wiring In the event of a power surge or transient, a module may lock up and cease to communicate with the controller. Availability varies by region and may require certification; please verify conditions with your Regional Sales Manager.