This app has kannada lyrics of some popular bhajans on various gods and goddesses. Most Bhajans are from Ramakrishna Math. But we have also included. Результаты поиска для KANNADA-BHAJANE видео.

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Posted by Lakshman on October 2, at His voice brings joy to the soul! Very Nice compilation at one place. Im asking for this is becaz, it is very auspisious when you chant during Navaratri.


Please guide me to US so that I can start my life on my own and give good health to my baby. Rajeev, I was able to look into the website. I have already posted a request, but do not know whether it has reached you or not.

I found the Guru Guna Stavana audio at this link — http: Dittaguru jagannath vitthalanolume ghatanavaadudarinda Ghatanaghatana kaarya ghatana maaduvo namma patuguruvara bhzjane Nambi Kettavarillavo e gurugala, nambade keduvarunto. The verse is decorated by Roopalankaara while describing the Chaaturyaa of Sri Vijayeendra tirtha and the metre is Sraghdara metre.

Posted by Lakshman on August 27, at This is priya from Hubli!


Rama Bhajane Mado

Sanskrit Stothras Click for details Some sample Stothras 1. Hi gayathri, Yes, I have it in my book, I just need to find time to translate it to Kannada. This day is gr8 for me.

I am looking for the lyrics of any song, sung for Lord Subramanya. Can anybody help me, wher can I search?

Appreciate it a lot. Mastkadali jade shobhisutiralu Kasthuri tilaka chandana haneyalli Vistaara nage mogada. I was actually searching for these lyrics for quite sometime now. Posted by Lakshman on July 4, at Thats how it works in WordPress blog. Thank your Uncle also on my behalf.

Our family is a great devotee of Rayaru. My best wishes to you. If have 1 in english but few words are not very clear…. Posted by Lakshman on November 18, at 2: I will bhajsne it in the blog. UR site is very good. Hello madam, we apprciate your involvement and shocked to see your volume of work,keep it up!!! Mantralaya swamin — In your mannada your holiness authored a gloss on the prameya navamallika and since it dealt with elaborately on the greatness of Mukyaprana and his glories deeds ,his consort Sri Bharati devi decided to install Venkatanatha on the vedanta samrajya.


Posted by neelesh pai on September 22, at 3: May God Bless you! Or just listen to it online.

Bhjaane visit Kindly visit my web pages: I tried Baraha but it did not work. Shloka 9 vyaadutavadya hrudtaamitha kruthi rachanacharu chaaturya hrushyat karnatakshonipaala pratipadarachita aneka ratnabhishekaha patrisharooda lakshmipathi padanalinodh agrolamba leelo vikhyatah srisudheendra vratipatiratulam bhadram unnidhrayen naha 9 Meaning: Posted by neelpai on October 28, at 9: Am really spell bound for this site.

Well, seems what she sings is not there… But her voice is so so beautiful, clear and joyful. Mangala maha gouri ranga sahodri gangadarana rani sri gowri 6.

Lyrics | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

Indeed great are your works! The verse is again in the sraghdara metre and the poet uses vrittaanupraasa alankaara while using the words sarvatantre,svatantre,samvarnye,etc. Thanks so much for the link. You should be able to get the details from Mantralaya web site. But dont have access to it mannada my office: