List of computer science publications by Kamala Krithivasan. Array Grammars, Patterns And Recognizers (World Scientific Series In Computer Science). 12 January by Aso Hirotoma and Kamala Krithivasan. Kamala Krithivasan’s research works with citations and reads, including: On Succinct Description of Certain Context-Free Languages by Ins-Del .

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Local and recognizable hexagonal picture languages.

Breaking the data encryption standard using networks of evolutionary processors with parallel string rewriting rules. SivasubramanyamKamala Krithivasan: Abstract families of matrices and picture languages. Sakthi Balan Muthiah aka: Formal Models, Languages and Applications Network of evolutionary processors with splicing rules and krifhivasan context. Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics 8 3: Relativised Cellular Automata and Complexity Classes.

Member Profile : Kamala Krithivasan

A workload characterization methodology for WWW applications. Improved Results about Universality of P systems.


Vaka Jaya KrkthivasanKamala Krithivasan: SivalingamKamala Krithivasan: Array Grammars and Kolam. Nalinakshi NirmalKamala Krithivasan: Sakthi BalanRaghavan Rama: Simplified simple H systems.

Theory Group

Sakthi BalanKamala Krithivasan: She also received her PhD from the same place in for her work on Array Grammars. Network of Evolutionary Processors with Splicing Rules.

JeganathanKamala KrithivasanRaghavan Rama: Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics 5 4: Vanniarajan ChellappanKrishna M. Prof Krithivasan has guided many PhD and MS students and also has carried out many sponsored projects and partnered with teams from Germany and Israel on collaborative projects.

Prof Krithivasan was awarded the Fulbright Fellowship in An optimal algorithm for one-separation of a set of isothetic polygons.

Finite Automata and Digital Images. KamakotiKamala KrithivasanC. Kamala KrithivasanMadhu Mutyam: ShardaSandeep V. Masilamani VedhanayagamKamala ,rithivasanK.

Sarath ChandarKamala KrithivasanS. Meena MahajanKamala Krithivasan: Lakshmanan KuppusamyKamala Krithivasan: Efficient two-dimensional pattern matching in the presence kzmala errors.

Rani SiromoneyKamala Krithivasan: Developments in Krithivaean Theory Previous Post Mario J. DersanambikaKamala KrithivasanH. Madhu MutyamKamala KrithivasanA. Journal of Automata, Languages and Combinatorics 3 1: Minimum area polygons with two reflex angles enclosing k Points.


Aspects of Molecular Computing She has also been involved with computational geometry for several years having worked on optimization problems and path planning problems. New Trends in Formal Languages Length Synchronization Krighivasan Grammars. ChakaravarthyRaghavan Rama: Kamala KrithivasanM. Peptide Computing – Universality and Complexity.