Dr Ved Prakash Upadhyaya and his works Book Two – Kalki Avatar and Prophet Muhammad Chapter Four – Conditions when the Final Avatar appears. Book about similarities between Islam & Hinduism Book By Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay. Kalki Autar. By: Prof. Pundit Vaid Parkash Reviewed by: Mir Abdul Majeed Broadcasted on BICNews 8 December Pundit verifies Messenger was.

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Let’s look at this logically. If Quran is true word of God then you would think Allah or Mohammed would at least mention that Kalki is Mohammed as mention in Hindu scriptures. Not one word in Quran says this. Also if Kalki was Mohammed then why would Mohammed want any of his followers attaching the divine Hindu land of India? Many questions are raised. Let me use some simple points. Islam goes against reincarnation so how can Mohammed be an incarnation of Vishnu? So if Mohammed is Kalki avatar then Hinduism is right and Islam is wrong because Islam is against concept of incarnation.

Plus Kalki avatar is much later in the future nearly years away in Kaliyug. So There is next to no similarities between Kalki avatar and Mohammed.

Please see this image. As ved Prakash he is a arya samaji and they only read Vedas and only accept the formless aspect of God.

They don’t accept idol worship as part of there version of Hinduism. They are a very small sect of Hinduism and it’s mostly Muslim converts who want to join Hinduism and worship a similar aspect kpadhyay God that of Islam.


Prophet Muhammad as the Kalki Avatar – by Pt. Ved Prakash

Arya samaj spends a lot of time with trying to convert Muslims back into Hinduism and this is one way they try to remain friendly with Muslims so they can bring them into Hinduism. They convert the Muslims to Brahmins or high cast. So ved Prakash is not a traditional Hindu. Arya samaji people tend to hold mixed views and they also do silly things like call krishn and ram prophets or they say krishn was teaching Veda to Arjun during the Gita.

Total nonsense they speak but they are not as bad Muslims like Zakir niak and his followers who understand next to nothing about Hinduism and bark like dogs. Every people should put there nation and humanity as the first religion.

It is my sincere request to Muslims and any person who is listening to this snake Zakir niak and those like ved Prakash who are trying to make money and divide people.

For safety of people and rest of India please don’t follow such people. I’m copying here the scholarly credentials that are mentioned near the upadhysy of the book I linked:.

Kalki Avtar In Urdu Prof Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay

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Zakir Naik tell lies about Kalki Avatar? Where would be Hanumanji during Kalki avatar? What are some scriptural evidences that describe Prophet Muhammad to be a shyktavesh avatar of Vishnu or Asha Ram Bapu avtar? Prkash Mar 4, I’m copying here the scholarly credentials that are mentioned near the end of the book I linked: Prayag University The reviewers: What is your review of Was Prophet Muhammad so.

Which is the best book on the Kalki avatar? Where is Zakir Naik nowadays?

Kalki, ay and Hazrat Mohammad[D:] | syedjiaulhussainblog

How does Krishna Avatar end? Who is Saint Ved Vyas? Who are Muhammad’s parents? Was Rama an avatar of Shiva? Who is Kalki avatar?

When will Kalki avatar appear? Did Ved Vyas follow Advaitvad? Is Bajrangbali Shiva’s avatar? Is Rama Vishnu an Avatar? Why is Kalki Avatar last? What is the secret behind Hayagriva Avatar? Still have a question? Is Narendra Modi the Kalki Avatar?