I’m writing some of his predictions just to give a slight idea. You can read Kalagnanam to find more. Due to inclination towards excess food and excess sleep. Sri Pothuluri Veerabrahmendra Swami is a great saint of India. He has the knowledge of past, present and future. He is often called as the Nostradamus of India. Veera Brahmendra Swamy There are millions of devotees, who pray to him till date because they believe that, he is still alive in Jeeva Samadhi and protecting.

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C Rooms and Dormitories with minimum expenditure. Temples in Karnataka will be harmed by Anti-Hindu women.

Finally, afteryears from the beginning of the age of Kali, Lord Kalki will appear as the twenty-second incarnation of God. All sections of our society are invited to be part of our effort, not just the erudite, as all humanity can benefit from our efforts to build a better society. We are sure our efforts will not go futile and unnoticed. He forecasts the changes in Political, Social, Economical changes that will occur in the Society, Biological and Physiological changes that will occur in plant and Animal kingdoms, Geographical changes, Wars, Explosions etc.

The creation and end of universe — An Indian Theory. It roams here and there and finally reaches Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh State in India, where millions of people die in clashes. In Kali-yuga men will develop hatred for each other even over a few coins. In all cases where a person has psychic abilities or is able to look into the future, it is generally a gift due to past-birth spiritual practice.


They are in the oral tradition. These may happen before or in the year Nandana. Birth of Kamadhenu, the divine cow, west to Kanchi. Jagadeeshwar Reddy, Cyber-tech computers, jagtial, These schools are of several kinds, suited to different qualities, and to both sexes.

He is often called as the “Nostradamus of India”.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Articles lacking sources from November All articles lacking sources All stub articles. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. This verse foretells about British rule on India.

Mass deaths of people, animals, and soldiers would happen. Only the internal politics of Lilliput are described in detail; these are parodies of British politics, in which the great central issues of the day are belittled and reduced to unimportance.

Lord Caitanya appeared years ago, at which time the Golden Age within Kali-yuga is supposed to start and last another 10, years.

Kalagnanam – Wikipedia

The creation and end of universe — They will be further tormented by quarrels, hunger, thirst, disease and severe anxiety. People’s fate written by Lord Brahma is ended and, karmaphala good and bad results being given by Navagrahas 9 planets is directly being controlled by Lord Veera Bhoga Vasantha Raaya since Smoke kalagnanan fire comes out from Lord Siva’s boo, Srisailam. Tirumala becomes shelter to Wild Animals. Crores of people die in the year Vijaya Lilliput and Blefuscu were intended as, and understood to be, satirical portraits of the kingdom of Great Britain and the kingdom of France, respectively, as they were in the early 18th century.

Sanjivini Plant a sacred tree that gives life to the bok will be found at Udayagiri Hill, Andhra Pradesh.


There is also an early Christian association — St. In the year Ananda Crores of people die and in Rakshasa year there will be destruction in Western Countries.


Later it is called as “Bramhamgari Mattam”. He has written a lot of books on palm leaves.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. These great Seers have handed over to the mankind their legacy in the shape of Kalagnanam, the knowledge about the future, to ensure the preparedness of the mankind in such eventualities. The aftermath will continue upto and the calamities will be upto A small part of Kalagnanam is available in Brahmamgari Matham at Kandimallayapalle, Siddhayyagari Matham at Mudumala, Rangarajugari Matham at Nagaripadu, and the remaining major part is kept in the inner pit of Banaganapalle Mutt under tamarind boook which has grown into a big tree now.

Sravana Bahula Ashtami of the year Bhavamany rivers will be with flash floods and many cities will be submerged. Giving up all friendly relations, they will be ready to lose their own lives and kill even their own relatives. From the year Pramadhi droughts, irregular rains, spread of diseases rise. Surprisingly, it was clearly mentioned about the change of velocity of planets, kalagnanma.

Sri Veerabrahmendra Foundation acts as a supporting platform for “Sri Kalagnani” Monthly Magazine wholly devoted to the teachings and prophesies of Sri Veeranrahmendra Swamy.