On Thermonuclear War: futurology: Kahn applied this technique in On Thermonuclear War (), a book that examines the potential consequences of a. Kahn, On Thermonuclear War. John P. Frank. This Book Review is brought to you for free and open access by the Law Journals at UNM Digital Repository. On Thermonuclear War has 97 ratings and 19 reviews. James said: Herman Kahn was the ringleader of a group that came to be known as the megadeath intelle.

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Indeed, the folder that General Turgidson holds while reading a report on projected nuclear war casualties is titled “Global Targets in Megadeaths”. On Thermonuclear War was controversial when originally published and remains so today.

On Thermonuclear War by Herman Kahn

Drew Venegas rated it it was amazing Oct 12, The First and Last Freedom, by J. No trivia or quizzes yet. On Thermonuclear War is filled with such thoughts.

Kahn published a page tome called “On Thermonuclear War,” which sold 30, copies in hardcover. The strongmen of Indo-European mythology were the Sky Gods: Jul 22, Nick Black rated it it was amazing Shelves: Covers everything from doomsday weapons to accidental nuclear conflict. Originally created from a series of lectures, it provides insight into how policymakers consider such issues.

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Jul 01, Michael Watson rated it really liked it Shelves: The A food would be restricted to children and to pregnant women. It would have been interesting to see what Khan and crew would have come up with had they been nursed on Taoist rather than Indo-European assumptions. Profoundly regrettable and disgusting pseudo-sapience. On Thermonuclear War was controversial when originally published and remains so today.


On Thermonuclear War

He has sometimes been reviled as a warmonger for his unsentimental appraisal of the prospect of the deaths of millions – but what I took from his arguments early in this book is that he simply felt that when formulating policy regarding a war on such a scale, it would be irresponsible to be less than completely honest and completely objective. Transaction PublishersDec 31, – Political Science – pages.

Dec 18, Therese A. Brink rated it did not like it Shelves: Having a hard time getting through it, and keep on starting other things thdrmonuclear putting it down. The core message for me was “just because you don’t want something to happen doesn’t mean you should not think about it carefully. Kahn introduced the Doomsday Machine as a rhetorical device to show the limits of John von Neumann ‘s strategy of mutual assured destruction or MAD.

wag Princeton University Press Transaction Publishers As some reviewers have noted, not much has changed in the logic of this standoff since the 50s. Abhi Agarwal rated it really liked it Nov 08, Thanks for telling us about the problem. Didn’t very far in this book.

On Thermonuclear War – Wikipedia

Trivia About On Thermonuclear War. I read this, for the first time, years ago.


Widely read on both sides of the Iron Curtain —the book sold 30, copies in hardcover [1] —it is noteworthy for its views on the lack of credibility of a purely thermonuclear deterrent and how a country could “win” a nuclear war. A cursory reading of On Thermonuclear War may lead a reader to believe that Waf Kahn is suggesting that thermonuclear war is not quite the significant event that other theorists and planners have portrayed it.

Kahn looked out over the strategic landscape, took in the view, and deemed hundreds of thousands of casualties an acc My dad worked with Herman Kahn in a group that came to be known as “the megadeath intellectuals.

Indian writer and activist Arundhati Roy summed up the logic by which every religions goes to war, in the following joke: Kahn looked out over the strategic landscape, took in the view, and deemed hundreds of thousands of casual Herman Kahn was the ringleader of a group wwar came to be known as “the megadeath intellectuals. The Special Importance of Installations. Oct 12, John rated it it was amazing.

A classic, of course; I look forward to pages of fun! Yet, all our peace rallies, dreams, thermonuclar behavior, and international conflicts have, for the last several decades, taken place under a nuclear “umbrella. Books by Herman Kahn.