View and Download Pentax K10D operating manual online. SLR Digital Camera. K10D Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Have tried your link three times ” page not found”. Searched the UK site.. . found the K10D pics, specs, etc but no manual. Maybe. You’ll do better with the K10D if you take time to read the manual and learn every little function. The large Mode dial on top of the camera controls the main.

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Exposure Warning Turn the rear e-dial and adjust the sensitivity. Before Using Your Camera Check the i10d contents and names and functions of working parts before use.

Pentax K10D Operating Manual

Histogram Display Histogram Display The q features two histogram displays. As a result, it assures beautifully exposed flash images for all photographers, while minimizing problems common to flash photography, such m10d overexposed, washed-out subjects and underexposed subjects lacking in detail.

The Protect all images screen appears. You can magnify the image during Instant Review with the rear e-dial.

Pentax K10D instruction manual and user guide

Use the four-way controller 23 to choose an item. Setting one prevents image capture when the aperture ring isn’t set to A.

Attaching the Strap Pass the end of the strap through the strap lug, then secure it on the inside of the clasp. With a vertical shutter-release button, preview lever, two control dials, AE-lock button and green button, the new battery grip makes vertical-position shooting simple and effortless. Setting the Sensitivity You can set the sensitivity to suit the brightness of the surroundings. Displaying The Digital Preview Displaying the Digital Preview Focus on the subject, then compose the picture in the viewfinder and move the main switch to.


Shutter and Aperture Priority mode TAv: Selecting The Metering Method Selecting the Metering Method Choose the part of the screen to use for measuring brightness and determining exposure. Use [RAW display] p. Allowing Shooting while Charging Flash You can set to enable shooting while flash i10d being charged.

Setting the File Format Highly acclaimed by professionals and experienced amateurs, this PENTAX-developed Hyper Program mode simplifies troublesome, time-consuming exposure control and responds swiftly to various subjects — from sports to landscape and manuual — without the need for mode changes.

It also features the same dust-proof, weather-resistant construction as th. Since this function allows the use of higher shutter speeds in poor lighting situations such as indoor sports events and night scenesit helps the photographer to effectively reduce camera shake and prevent blurred images. Pressing the Info button once pulls up the Pentax K10D’s histogram view.

Adjust it to the desired size and take the picture. Page Look through the viewfinder and press the shutter release button halfway. Don’t show me this message again.

Page The color of light shifts to a bluish color as the color temperature rises, and to a reddish color as the color temperature falls.

Trailing Curtain Sync Red-Eye Reduction As with the built-in flash, red-eye reduction is available with an external flash. Page 10 Playing Back Still Pictures Enlarging Playback Images Images can be magnified up to 20 times in playback mode.

Please contact a service center for details regarding accessories.

Viewfinder Viewfinder AF frame p. Playback Mode Playback Mode Functions of buttons used during playback are noted. Formatting will delete all the data on the Amnual Memory Card.

Lets you capture images that require slow shutter speeds p Bulb such as fireworks and night scenes. When shooting with the 2 sec. A pop-up menu appears. Set in mannual Adjust] in the [R Set-up] menu. Over 30 patents have been filed for this SR system, which uses a ball-bearing-mounted oscillator unit with four electromagnets that hold the free-floating image sensor.


You can record as many images as desired in a single sequence until you reach the memory capacity of the storage media, thanks to the large-capacity buffer memory and high-speed writing technology.

Turn the rear e-dial and adjust the sensitivity. Autofocus Manual focus Using the Autofocus You can also choose the autofocus mode from l Single mode where the shutter release button is manjal halfway to focus on the subject and the k01d is locked at that position, and k Continuous mode where the subject is kept in focus by continuous adjustment while the shutter release button is pressed halfway.

Lenses without power zoom use the K lens manual for details. Program line – 2: When image is opened by non-compatible software, the colors look lighter.


All of the same information is reported here as in the detailed display in record mode, listed above. Dark Portion Underexposed area in the image loses contrast and appears black.

Use the four-way controller 45 to choose whether to insert the date O or not P. Operation of the Pentax K10D digital SLR is fairly straightforward, but tuned with the experienced photographer in mind. The default setting is 9-image display.

Press the Fn button.