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It is not easy, perhaps owing to the shirt’s sticking to the wool of the sweater. And yet, in the nadiw, the finger has the appearance of having juliio shriveled up and placed towards the inside, with one black nail ending in a point.

Cortazar was a big fan of jazz and music and spent a lot of his time listening and playing his trumpet.

Skip to content As you can see, by the continuous lack of posts on my blog, I have been quiet…artistically mute…blocked.

And suddenly it is cold in his eyebrows and his forehead, in his eyes. With one tug the sweater sleeve is pulled off and he looks at his hand as if it were not his.

And yet he has lost his orientation after having screamed so many times in this type of euphoric gymnastics which always begins with finding a piece of clothing. He takes his sweater off and examines his hand, but now the hand is perfectly normal.

So more slowly; so he has to use the hand he has placed in the left sleeve, if this is really the sleeve and not the collar.

And he does not want to open his eyes and waits a second, two seconds, and lets himself live in a cold and different time, the time of being outside of the sweater. Scholars say that the sweater represents his life.

The sweater must have barely gotten over the two shoulders and here may be rolled up and tense as if the shoulders were too narrow for this sweater, which proves without any doubt that he really did make a mistake and place a hand in the collar and the other hand in a sleeve.


Of course, I have been busy, reading and re-reading, taking a screenwriting course, mothering, learning how to cook, how to breathe without medicines, how to arrange furniture, how to keep toddlers busy and 9 year olds healthy… living at large, you may say. It is the essence of our humanity.

We are all inside a blue sweater at one point of our lives, struggling to get out and seeing cortazzr from the outside, not liking what we see. Categories and months of Deeblog. The bad thing is that although the hand looking for the edge juluo the wool touches the back, it would seem that the sweater has remained completely bunched up around the collar area and the only thing his hand encounters is the cortazaf wrinkled shirt, still stuck in part in his pants.

Little point to keep tugging at the front of the sweater because on the chest area he can only feel the shirt. Email required Address never made public. Reviews, essays, and translations.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! He puts on the sweater, one arm first, but cortazzar has trouble forcing the arm through the sleeve. Ironically, it occurs to him that if there were a seat nearby he would be able to relax and breathe better until he’s put on the sweater completely. He tells himself that the most sensible thing is to concentrate his attention on his right hand because this hand outside of the sweater is in contact with the cold air cortaaar the room, a signal that he has only a little way to go and can help himself by going up the back until, in that classic movement so helpful to putting on any sweater by energetically pulling down, it clutches corazar lower edge of the sweater.

Perhaps his right hand was indeed caught in the collar of the sweater, and for this reason what he believed to be the collar is pressing down on his face thus, suffocating him more and more each time, whereas his hand was able to come out easily.


Language is the way we stay human and writing is the most intimate use of language we can try. The cold always complicates matters; in summer we are all so close to the world, skin to skin. But now that it’s out of the sweater the hand again looks like it always has, and he lets it fall from the end of his lazy arm as it occurs to him that it would be better ckrtazar pass the nxdie arm through the other sleeve to see whether it would be simpler that way.

No se culpe a nadie – Journal –

Los buques suicidantes Lot No. His imagination is an overwhelming example of the limitless capabilities of our creativity. A life of social norms and standards that he cannot fit into and the more he tries, the more he has trouble breathing.

It has something of a concealed dance step about jylio, irreproachable because it reflects a utilitarian aim not some guilty choreographic tendencies. Notify me of follow-up comments via email.

Don’t Blame Anyone.-

Twitter Facebook Email Reddit. The more he tries to escape, the more he traps himself. If this were so his hand would have to come out easily; yet culoe still pulls with all his might and cannot advance either one of his hands. Cortazar teaches me to remain awake, inspired and never let my life become a sweater I get stuck on.

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