Results 1 – 17 of 17 A VIAGEM DO ELEFANTE by JOSÉ SARAMAGO and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. the 1 +1 = 1 Collection reinterprets the work A Viagem do Elefante (The Elephant’s Journey) of the Portuguese Nobel laureate of Literature, José Saramago. Gifts for women, from the collection A Viagem do Elefante Vista Alegre. of the Portuguese Nobel laureate of Literature, José Saramago, by David Almeida.

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Jarra A Viagem do Elefante | Vista Alegre

This is the story of the book. He enquired about it and was informed about an elephant, back in the sixteenth century, who had journeyed across the continent and through the peninsula and then passed on into legend.

Accompanied by the Archduke, his new wifethe royal guard, Soloman and Subhro cross a continent riven by the Reformation and civil wars. Solomon is coerced to kneel by the doors of the basilica, which puts the fear of God into co populace, which also kneels.

The king was very sad but the queen refusing to be read the contents of the letter locked herself in her room and spent the rest of the day in tears. She has earned her money. This page was last edited on 21 Mayat Want to Read Currently Reading Read. View all 7 comments.

When it occurs to the king and queen that an elephant would be an appropriate wedding gift, everyone rushes to get them ready: Saramago is very good at inventing keys, and with them, he opens a succession of doors in the narrative; I imagine him blithely doing the same throughout his life.

I broke my rule in this case, and now I’m left wondering why Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize. Like any good grandfather, Saramago wanders from point to point while telling his tale, musing and meandering. Perhaps not an outright liar, but clever and inventive when it comes to filling in lacunae; while describing the beauty of the mountains through which the elephant travels, and clearly never having visited the location as any writer worthy of the name would surely do he impliesSaramago wriggles neatly out of any precise description: In the hands of a lesser writer, this For all of Saramago’s stylistic beauty, this book still has the feel of a too-long anecdote.

In the middle of the story he may take a few sentences to ruminate whimsically about the nature of royalty or the use of specific language or even his own role in the narrative itself.


Retrieved from ” https: So far, the writing is charmingly amusing, sly and pointed and wonderful in it’s own right, never mind the story which Joae am also enjoying. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

José Saramago – A Viagem do Elefante by rafa rafaaxD on Prezi

The Elephant’s Journey by Jose Saramago. Even though he has at least one more book to offer us after this one, there was a passage near the end of The Elephant’s Journey that seemed particularly fitting viagme me. There was no narrative arc that I could detect, unless you count the climb upwards through the Alps.

All orders confirmed by VAA will be delivered to the address specified by the Customer for delivering the order. They are not meant to be. The last we see of Subhro, he has reclaimed his name, is riding off on a mule, on a journey he never completes trailing a donkey who bears a wooden box containing all the possessions that mahout possesses. View all 4 comments. This is tough to review. The end is both picaresque and that of a fairy tale. Is this, his last novel before he died inanother case of the Nobel Curse, where elefantr never write another decent work after you get the big one?

Saramago’s house in Lanzarote is also open to the public. Some viagek this information may be shared with our social networking, analytics and marketing partners. Instead, I was surprised to find a joyous and lighthearted tale of adventure filled with humor. It’s a shame sarakago photography ciagem not yet been invented in the sixteeth century, because the solution would have been easy as pie, we would simply have included a few photos from the period, especially if taken from a helicopter and readers would then have every reason to consider themselves amply rewarded and to recognize the extraordinary informative nature of our enterprise.

The reason this is getting two stars is that It pains me a bit to give a Saramago book such a low rating, but of the seven of his that I’ve read, this was clearly the one I liked the least. Saramago wrote this book quite late in his life and I wondered if he had doubts or regrets about what he had achieved in his writing career or if he worried about the security saramabo his position as the leading Portuguese viiagem of the twentieth century.


It is two years after the elephant has arrived in Vienna and he has died. One particular slow day on the hazardous journey, a daydream temporarily carries subhro far off into the land of heroic deeds where he imagines himself being lauded by the entire Austrian court, but soon reality revealed itself to him exactly as it was, himself hunched on the elephant’s back, almost invisible beneath the snow, the desolate image of the defeated conqueror, demonstrating yet again joose close the tarpeian rock is to the jpse hill, on the latter they crown you with laurels and from the former they fling you down, all glory vanished, all honour lost, to the place where you will leave your wretched bones.

A Viagem do Elefante Vase. It is voagem on a true event in history: The Elephant’s Journey Portuguese: The skeptics are elefsnte right when they say that the history of humanity is one long succession of missed opportunities. The customer may return the product within 14 days of receiving it.

A Viagem do Elefante

The shipping costs associated with each order are calculated on checkout, you may choose one the shipping methods given by TNT. And yet this book is primarily a book of humor.

The reason this is getting two stars is that frankly it was a bit boring. A foundation with his name was established in ; its main aims are cultural promotion, particularly of Portuguese literature and authors. You start off fascinated, and you remember Saramago’s wry humor and wandering sentences.

Subhro is given two new suits of clothes and Solomon a long overdue scrub. Views Read Edit View history. Lists with This Book. Houve partes que me pareceram por demais familiares, como se esta obra de Saramago existisse em todas as coisas. Instead, we are meant to chuckle at the incongruence of our modern way of thinking and the historical events as they unfolded.

Is this a swipe at Sebald, who, according to some—Saramago may have been one—cheats by using photos? Quotes from Viaagem Viagem do Elefante. Open Preview See a Problem?