年3月1日 Find the most up-to-date version of JIS H at Engineering JIS H Graphical symbol for electroplated coating (FOREIGN STANDARD). Available for Subscriptions. Content Provider Japanese Industrial. JIS H Graphical symbol for electroplated coating (FOREIGN STANDARD.

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Control valve terminology and general considerations Industrial-process control valves – Part 4: Iis screws and similar fasteners not under tensile stress B Mechanical properties of corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners – Part 4: Stationary hoists Hoists for the transfer of persons with disabilities – Part 4: B0404 of phosphorus content Method for chemical analysis of ferromanganese – Part 5: Climatic tests – Test 11m: N0404 metal stress removal- Before plating the base metal is subjected to heat treatment according to an agreement between Micro-Ace and the customer.

Sheen chromate means giving sheen to the plating by chromate treatment. Machines with fixed column and movable table Test conditions for testing the accuracy of boring and milling machines with horizontal spindle – Part 2: Insulators for overhead line Testing method for insulators – Part 2: Rough handling shocks, primarily for equipment-type specimens C Environmental testing – Part Shock C Environmental testing – Part Methods for determination of carbon content Method for chemical analysis of ferrosilicon – Part 3: Test methods and performance requirements for uis gloves T Protective clothing for users of hand-held chain-saws – Part 5: Particular requirements for safety – Section 2: Electrical continuity and contact resistance tests Test 2a: Design, bearing materials and their properties Plain bearings – Terms, definitions and classification – Part 2: Methods of determination b0404 the geometrical characteristics of electrical steel strip and sheet C Test methods for electrical steel strip and sheet – Part 3: General requirement and tests Amendment 1 Safety of machineryElectro- sensitive protective equipment- Part 3: Evaluation of Degradation of Paint Coatings – Section 5: Long-Period Performance of Film – Section 6: Evaluation and interpretation of biocontamination data B Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines – Part 1: Robustness of terminations and integral mounting devices Environmental testing – Part Leaching test method Test methods for chemicals in slags – Part 2: Evaluation of Degradation of Paint Coatings – Section 3: Particular requirements for the safety of electric potential equipment “Hospital Grade” Outlet- Sockets and Plugs Washer sterilizers for medical use Protective clothing – H04044 against liquid chemicals – Test method for resistance of materials to penetration js liquids Protective clothing – Protection against liquid chemicals – Measurement of repellency, retention, uis penetration of liquid pesticide formulations through protective clothing materials Protective clothing for use against solid particulates – Part 2: Mechanical Property of Film – Section 3: Legal notices Photo credits FAQ.

  ASTM D1709 PDF

Surface Finishing Tutorial | Technical Tutorial – MISUMI

Thread cutting dies B Threading tools — Vocabulary Part 3: Basic calculation methods on helical compression and extension springs Coil springs – Part 2: The following are a list of tests. Non-contact method R Test methods for thermal expansion rate of refractory products — Part 2: Power electronics Road vehicles and internal combustion engines – Filter vocabulary – Part 1: Dynamic stress tests – Test 6b: Methods for determination of carbon content G Methods for chemical analysis of metallic silicon – Part 3: Portable general purpose luminaires Luminaires – Part 2: Please help us to share our service with your friends.

General rules C Small solid oxide fuel cell power systems- Part 2: Contact method using cylinder test piece R Test Method for thermal expansion of refractory products – Part 3: Housing shell electrical continuity Connectors for electronic equipment – Tests and measurements – Part General requirements Amendment 1 1 B Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment of machines-Part Climatic tests – Test 11n: Particular requirements for equipment using active opto-electronic protective devices AOPDs B Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments – Biocontamination control – Part 1: Iis method Pulps – Determination of drainability – Part 2: Sectional specification – Fixed metallized polyphenylene sulfide film dielectric surface mount d.


Climatic tests – Test 11c: Measuring Instrumentation Hand-transmitted vibration – Part 2: General measuring instrument Uis Instrument transformers for metering service – Part 2: Fasteners – Hot dip galvanized coatings ISO Plating terminology is listed in the following order: Long-Period Performance of Film – Section 2: Chaser B Threading tools – Vocabulary Part 4: Removal of toluene Fine ceramics advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics -Test method for air purification performance of photocatalytic materials-Part 4: