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Results 1 to 8 of 8. Immeasurable lower than noise floor. With just about EVERY speaker I, and my friend, who also does commercial audio, we just find 18db Butterworth filters allow us to create a much more seamless sound with 3 way or 4 way active setups.

Servo-balanced outputs provide automatic output level adjustment to accommodate either balanced or unbalanced feeds. If you have an RTA you can use that to determine where you are. During start up the initial surge current will be higher with the much larger capacitors, k552 could potentially over load and fry the original rectifier diodes.

Originally Posted by Baron Servo balanced outputs provide automatic output level adjustment to accommodate either balanced or unbalanced feeds. All times are GMT Wide bandwidth, flat response; 10 Hz to 50 kHz.

Otherwise, your project could go up in smoke. And I am basing this value solely on the estimated reduction of the power supplies ripple voltage.

What do you think? User adjustment of Threshold, Attenuation, Attack and Release controls.


High visibility 8-element LED metering. Of course, 24db slopes, and higher, allow higher power to be used for compression drivers and tweeters, but, unless your doing HIGH POWER commercial sound, I don’t think this is a problem for you. I just am not totally into digital crossovers at this time, but, at some point, I feel they will get it to the point where I believe digital crossover filters will become indiscernible, sonically, from the best analog filters.

You will also want to have the silver contact wafer switches cleaned. Based on the schematic, its quad op amp circuits – generally called negative feedback design. The manual Link above is copyrightwhich makes them year old gear. However, I have moved on, to bryston, and I havent looked back yet. Extremely low distortion; THD 0. You may want to consider better diodes high speed, soft recovery, Vishay diodes come to mind for the power supply rectification as well.

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The other thing about 24db jl, is they are acoustically in phase at crossover point, 18db is considered out of phase at crossover point. When dramatically increasing the size of the power supply capacitors, it is certainly a good idea jgl also increase current handling capacity of the rectifier diodes. Another thing, is while I still do love the sound of theI love it with certain speakers, and NOT with others.

I would anticipate an audible difference.

Advice on JBL M crossover

You don’t need to engage the divide by 10 switch. The spec is to crossover at Hz – but if you are worried about the diff between and Hz, you might ibl to use a scope and sig gen to be sure of the setting accuracy of your front panel controls Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano.


LF summing combines both channels for subwoofer applications where only one mono channel is needed. If you would like to talk further on the pro’s and cons jhl the what I think are the ,s strong and weak points, please feel free to PM me, I am happy to try to help!

If you find a mintM5552 will be more than jbo to pass modification info to you, and whatever assistance you want, to achieve the best you can get from the Sometimes, you lose the output on ch 1, ch 2, ch 3, etc, and a tap obn the faceplate brings it back. Originally Posted by pyonc. However, this is also VERY dependent upon your speakers and their design. But, it is coloration, for sure.

JBL M552 average used price

RF filtering to defeat extraneous noise and ultrasonic oscillations. Sometimes, its a bitch getting the EXACT setting you had when you futz with the trying to dial it in to sonic perfection.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and advice. All times are GMT External key inputs on each channel allows gate triggering from external sources. Gate function with independent Threshold control for each channel.