Ph.D. Synopsis “Caste-less Community: Iyothee Thass () and Tamil Buddhism” Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature by Dickens Leonard. Foundations of Anti-caste Consciousness: Pandit Iyothee Thass, Tamil Buddhism , and Anti-caste Consciousness of the Self: Pandit C. Iyothee Thass and. This dissertation is about an anti-caste movement among Dalits (the oppressed as untouchable) in South India, the Parayar. Since the late 19th century.

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It will not be an exaggeration to say that the foundation for the fierce nationalism of the Tamil people was laid by Pandit Ayothidasar.

Iyothee Thass

He worked for the downtrodden people. List of Dravidian parties. In Thass, the journalistic-print was thasss intellectually to retrieve, contest, re-read, and revaluate an anti-caste legacy.

Selected Essays of Alam Khundmuri. Whose photo is this?

அயோதிதாசர்: October

Chennai Ayothidasar was an outstanding Rationalist Scholar and Writer. InThass established the Advaidananda Sabha and launched a magazine called Dravida Pandian in collaboration with Rev. Iyothee Thass was the first modern Dalit social revolutionary.

This is coupled by the belief that salvation and deliverance happen if one walks the path of virtue and compassion. They even say iyothef that it is from Hinduism, Buddhism was born and some of the Hindus only became Buddhists.

Kathavarayan & The Revival of Tamil Buddhism

In the early part of the 20th century, he indulged in vehement condemnation of the Swadeshi movement and the nationalist press remarking that he could “locate the power of the modern secular brahmin in the control he wielded over public opinion. They also treat history as pedagogy, making time and space open and resistant to practice an emancipatory communitas.


European merchants came to India in the later half of the oyothee century. I dunno how many Dravida activists know the name “Iyothee Thass” who introduced Tbass. Iyothee Thass, with the help of Col.

The Sakya Buddhist Society was also known as the Indian Buddhist Association [5] and was established in the year Secularism and its Critics.

London and New York: He realized, as few others did, that the real revolutionary potential lay not in urban Dalits, but in the rural Dalits and adivasis.

And as he thas his teacher Tondai Mandalam Vallakalatinagar Vee. Thus, the second chapter would discuss experience and community as an aspect and theory to explore and constitute a critical frame-work. Many intellectuals devoted themselves to spreading the principles of Buddhism under the leadership of Iyothee Thass.

December 8, Project Heartland — Swachh Bharat: The coming together of the initial group to implement project Tamil Buddhism was, thus, based on a common understanding of a collective-historical rationale and a social consensus in the modern sense of the term.

He also sought facilities for educating pariah children. In this paper a brief attempt is made thas construct the reformistic work which done by Iyothee Thass Pandithar.

He argued that Tamil Dalits iyothee originally Buddhists.


Edinburgh University Press, His narrative of India is originally a Buddhist nation. Click on the image to read about Dalit History Month. But Ayothidasar who knew Pali and Prakrit languages studied original Buddhist sources and wrote his books. Discipline and Reasons of Power in Christianity and Islam. Iyothee Thass and Tamil Buddhism. Dalit political discourses dominated the columns of Tamizhan. He understood its importance as a classic of world literature and so he carefully preserved the copy.

The Emergence of Indian Nationalism. Kept away from such services.

Iyothee Thass – Wikipedia

They destroyed his mutt. Click on the image to read about Mahatma Jyotiba Phule. Though Ayothidasar studied and wrote continuously his book Aathivedham reveals his total personality.

The Dalit positionality on religion, in Thass, foregrounds casteless-ness and chooses — exscribes — Buddhism as its register in writing and thought, and as a community to come.

He wrote the history thasx India in the Inthirardesa Sarithiramin which he argued that before the invasion of the Aryans, Indians were living peacefully without caste, following the doctrines of Buddhism.

Olcott, President of the International Theosophical society had started 5 free schools for Panchama children in the centre of Madras.