Content: IT / IT63 / IT Web Technology Question Paper IT Web Technology Part B Question Bank With Answers- Link Here. IT/IT63/ IT Web Technology Question Bank With Answers CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and Engineering. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY IMPORTANT 16 MARK QUESTION WITH ANSWER KEYS ANNA UNIVERSITY QUESTION BANK. IT WEB TECHNOLOGY.

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Making the connection 2.

KLNCE – ANNA UNIVERSITY: Web Technology / WT previous year question papers

Where is the Menu? What are the issues of next generation IP? I received my B. What is the difference between node and host?

What is meant by a XML namespace?

uqestion Give syntax of relative URLs 3. HTTP specifies how a client and server establish a connection, how the client requests data from the server, how the server responds to that request, and finally how the connection is closed. How could you insert exactly 80 pixels of blank space between two paragraphs of text? State the use of web server logs and list the contents of a message log.

Proxy servers are related to firewalls prevents hosts on a network from making direct connections to the outside world, a proxy server can act as a go-between. COLS — This attribute techjology used to divide the screen into multiple columns.


Most Internet Service Providers will have a script like this on their kt2353. What is web server?


Network is an interconnection of systems to share data and information. What is relative URLs? Are you finding any study materials? Affiliated Colleges-Time Table for M. It is really helpful for a newbie like me. Request Header Fields are 1. How do you make a new paragraph in HTML? Electronic Media Five Yea How do you use a picture as the background in HTML? Anna University – Proposals for joint Research Pro Column spanning is used to merge combine two or more columns.

It also lets the recipient know what kind of data has been sent, so that it can be displayed properly. What do mean by search engine? Recruitment of Research Officer in the Dept. Name Resolution is the process of mapping a hostname to its corresponding IP Address. Put the following at the beginning of the Web page: It order to avoid this problem domain names are used.

These reserved ports are referred to as we1l-known ports because the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority publicly documents the applications that use them.


Ed Admission for academic year B. HTTP is a standard protocol that defines how a web client talks to a server and how data is transferred from the server back to the client. Standard protocol for answeds between web browsers and web servers. It begins on the client side with the browser sending a request to the web server for a document.

How do you add music to a web page? How would you write the HTML to draw a rule 20 pixels wide? How do you make a graphic a link?

I received my M.

Each time a request is made to the server, it is as ifthere was no prior connection and each request can yield only a single document. It is very simple and allows for the embedding of images, sounds, video streams, form fields and simple text formatting. Anna University – B. A node is any addressable device connected to a network whereas the host is a more specific descriptor that refers to a networked general-purpose computer rather than a single purpose device such as a printer.