My Internship Report on SMBL Shikarpur Road Sukkur Branch by qazi_salu in Types > Research > Business & Economics. INTERNSHIP REPORT. ON. HABIB BANK LIMITED PAKISTAN. PREEDY GATE BRANCH BANNU. SUBMITTED TO: SIR AMAN ULLAH AWAN. DIRECTOR. In Government of Pakistan announced the privatization of HBL to Agha Internship Report on Banking Business Activities of Mercantile Bank Limited, Internship start and finish dates: 5th March – 30th April

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In the opinion of the eminent scholars of banking, the reason why this word was given to the banking business was the prevailing traditions of Lombardian money changers. Who will be the ultimate beneficiary and what is the approximate value of hbp per month.

Assignment Point – Solution for Best Assignment Paper

Until then all monetary tractions were carried out by private dealers and trading center. As it perfectly suit the environment we are operating in, You attitude has helped UBL in capturing rfport. I had only 3 three months in my hand to complete this report, which was not enough. They are performing their activities, as a result not only the bank but also the economy is benefited. These documents are given below: Original 20122 duplicate copy is send to the responding branch.

Hence, it is very clear that IFIC Bank plays an important role to move the economic wheel of the country. Next of Kin In case if the account holder is some how not contacted, this portion provides information of the person who should be contacted instead.


Home saving account Account This type of account offers the facility to the account holder to save money right home and put in relort locker provided by bank.

Charge Card It is same to the credit card. The loans are classified based on following criteria. HBL have totaled 41 Branch networks including branches inside and outside the valley which does operational activities of the banks. In documentation, debit and credit vouchers are made, which show total amount of clearing as per day. HBL has facilitated customers in sending and receiving funds by means of TT.


He prepares this report and submitted to the bank. But with the passage of time these are improving. Every activity is chase by the boundaries and limitations.

Financial highlights As at December 31, Serial no. We offer un-paralleled services to our clients on matters such as pricing, timing and optimal deal 2021 for all equity and quasi equity capital issuance. D collection from other banks on behalf of its customer is a basic function of a Clearing Department.

To get an overall practical knowledge concerning banking activities as a financial institution. In the Nepalese chronicles, it was recorded that the new era known as Nepal Sambat was introduced by Shankhadhar, a Sudra merchant of Kantipur in A.

Other financial institutions in the country have been following our lead by introducing similar products and services.

SWIFT is a reliable and effective communication network in terms of speed, accuracy and security. The report have the information about banks different department and product and services of the UBL.

Internship Report on Himalayan Bank Limited – Internship Report

Future Outlook The Bank remains focused on investing in its core businesses in order to maintain a position of leadership across major business segments. After receiving CIB report if the Bank thinks that the prospective borrower will be a good borrower, then the bank will scrutinize the documents. The duration of internship period has been declared for minimum 8 weeks by FOM, Tribhuvan University.


But this step was proved e futile for the Banking in Pakistan. What would be the usual mode of transaction and what would be the intentions of account with UBL. Interest rate in Loan and Advance: The amount will be availed in installments of Rs 7, per month.

In case of TT issues, this bank prepares three 3 copies of vouchers. Corporate Banking Our mission is to serve all your corporate needs and ensure your full satisfaction through product innovation, personalized banking, and top notch service. Charge documents as required for the different types of advances, are mentioned below: Its helps in brining price stability and promote economic growth within shortest possible period to time.

Merchant Arrangements means the shops to which the bank has online contact. It is necessary to make a preliminary assessment of the project and the means of the financing it. Section IV This section has one chapter which gives the findings and recommendations based on the critical analysis of the organization.

Personal Information Following portion summarizes social with standing of a person.