Faktor Resiko Vasa previa lebih sering terlihat pada insersio velamentosa atau lobus aksesorius dan kehamilan kembar. Pemeriksaan Penunjang 1. USG 2. Pada insersio velamentosa tali pusat yang dihubungkan dengan plasenta oleh pembuluh- pembuluh darah yang berjalan dalam selaput janin. Pembuluh darah. Pada insersio velamentosa tali pusat yang dihubungkan dengan plasenta oleh pembuluh-pembuluh darah yang berjalan dalam selaput janin.

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Usually, more and more dangerous than the bleeding before the 28th week of pregnancy. Classification APB – Sourced from abnormal placenta Palcentra previa Placenta Solutio APB is not yet clear source; insersio velamentosa roptum sinus marginalis, placenta Chain vakita velamentksa No abnormalities derived from placenta, usually not very dangerous, for example, cervical and vaginal abnormalities polyps, erosio, a ruptured varicose veinsand trauma.

Placenta Previa is a condition in which abnormal placenta implantation in place ie the lower segment of the uterus, thus covering part or all of the opening of roads and internal os uteri GUI Classification Placenta Previa, which would not agree, because the division was not based on anatomical situation but the situation has changed fiosiologik-fox.

Posterior lateral Palcenta previa; when partially covered rear ostea.

Anterior lateral Palcenta previa; when some ostea front cover. At check velmentosa was not palpable. Classification according to Browne – Level 1: Lateral palcenta previa, when the bottom edge of palcenta inserts to the SBR, but not up to the edge of the opening – Level vflamentosa Aetiology The exact cause is not known clearly.

These factors put forward: The endometrium is inferior b. The leaves are persistent chorion c. Endometrium unblemished in the former repetitive labor, the former surgery, curettage, and manual placenta. Corpus luteum slow to react, in which the endometrium is not ready to receive the products of conception.


Velamentous cord insertion

The existence of a tumor; myoma uteri, endometrial polyps. Sometimes in malnutrition 4. Diagnosis and clinical picture vleamentosa. Inspection – It can be seen a lot or a little vaginal bleeding. Effect of pregnancy Placenta Previa a. Because the placenta is disturbed by the lowest part of the fetus can not enter the PAP.

always think twice: Ante Partum Bleeding – Suspect Placenta previa ~ BLEEDING

Location errors; location sunsang, where the latitude, the position of the head afloat. Often premature delivery; stimulation on cervical blood coagulum, if many of placenta velamentlsa levels decreased loose and His can occur, an internal inspection.

Effect of Placenta Previa on parturition. Location of abnormal fetal yan; velmentosa would be a pathological b. Often some primary insertion d. Prepare blood for blood transfusions, pregnancy is maintained as old as possible so as not to prematurely d.

If there is anemia, transfusion and blood enhancer drugs. Risks insersoo with the fluid deficiency bleeding. Risk of fetal distress occurred in connection with abnormal location of the placenta.

Potential happen hypovolemic shock associated with the bleeding. Disturbance of personal hygiene needs in connection with their activity limited. Disorders of psychological anxiety in connection with the lack of knowledge about a troubled pregnancy. Risk of lack of velamentoa in relation to the bleeding.

Kaji about the amount of expenditure caiaran bleeding. Observation of the signs vital. Observation of the signs of lack of fluids and monitor the bleeding.

Monitor insdrsio electrolyte levels. Check your blood type for transfusion anticipation. Explain to the client to maintain the entrance with plenty of fluids to drink. Collaboration with physicians in relation to the location of the placenta. Observation of vital signs. Bleeding and monitor the status of the fetus. Prepare for caesaria section. Observation of signs of shock hipolemik. Give an explanation of the importance of personal hygiene b.


Give me motivation to continue to maintain personal hygiene without doing excessive activity c.

Velamentous cord insertion – Wikipedia

Give a means of supporting or bathe the client when the client still need bedrest Dx 5: Disorders of psychological anxiety in connection with the velqmentosa of knowledge about a troubled pregnancy. Give support and education to reduce anxiety and vealmentosa understanding and cooperation while providing information about the status of the fetus, listen attentively, maintain eye contact and communicate with the calm, warm and appropriate empathy.

Maintain a relationship of trust with open communication.

Relationship of mutual trust established between the nurse and the client will make the client easier to express feelings and willing to cooperate.

Tell us about the process of treatment and prognosis of disease gradually. By understanding the process of treatment and prognosis of disease will provide a sense of calm. Identification of the construction and reinforced coping. With the identification and alternative coping will assist clients in resolving the problem.

Do visit regularly to provide support systems. With the support system will make the client feel optimistic about his recovery.

Diposting oleh always think twice di Effect of Placenta Previa on parturition a.