Yvonne Venegas is raising funds for INEDITO – A photobook about a Mexican pop phenomenon on Kickstarter! Documentary photography. Yvonne Venegas is raising funds for INEDITO – A photobook about a Mexican pop phenomenon on Kickstarter! Documentary photography book about the. Yvonne Venegas Forthcoming, in stock, and out-of-print Title information on Photo books Inédito is a revealing portrait of a discourse that is consumed daily by.

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In the words of Pedro Damian, “The group started as a fiction on the show and then it became real life. In Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil in Mexico City, produced a solo exhibition and accompanying catalog titled Nunca sera mas Joven que este dia You will never be younger than this day venegsa revised 15 years of her photographic production, focusing on 6 series of work linked by their relationship to portraiture, curated by Ruth Estevez and Alfonso Morales.

We can work out the image that you want and mailing costs after the campaign. Anthropological curiosity and empathy are both essential elements of her practice. Her experience growing up in the border has established in the way she views her subjects as well as the photographic practice itself, where she constantly looks for blurring lines between yovnne and documentary as well as explores the pulsating space between the perfect image and one that social studio photography could consider an error.

An important outcome for her work is printed and framed for gallery presentation, as well as venetas book form. Inthis world of romantic illusion, where love conquers all human weaknesses and class divisions, was joined by the soap opera Rebeldestined to ingratiate itself with an adolescent crosssection of younger small screen viewers.

A signed copy of INEDITO and venegws 20×24″ limited edition ink jet print of the highest quality of one of the choices shown on my story page. They received my camera as a visitor who ineditp not need special treatment or attention, as they used to give the official cameras.


Questions about this project?

Yvonne Venegas

A special edition of the book, which includes a box for the book and an 8×10 ink jet print of the picture tittled Pool,both signed by me! Pedro gave us full access to photograph the filming of the telenovela as well as to join the band on their tour in the US. I will be happy to choose one image for you! Get a beautiful limited edition 20×24″ color poster of the cover image of the book, inedkto image is called Grupo, Estimated delivery Nov A 4×6 inch ink jet print, printed and signed by me, mailed to you with love!

Y principalmente enviando este link a todos tus contactos!

Summer afternoon at grandparents house. Pool with Arch, from the home of current major Mauricio Fernandez.

Vicky is a musician and entrepreneur, photographed in the garden of her parents home. The choices are limited to 5 each They gave me their moments of fatigue, thoughtfulness, emotional, sometimes of boredom. In I was invited by Mauricio Maille, visual arts director of the Televisa Foundation to make an artist project on soap operas that are produced by the Multinational Mexican media corporation Televisa.

A view from an intelligent apartment in San Pedro Garza Garcia. Through speech, dress, music, and treatment, the soap opera sought to gain the empathy of an emerging generation, making the transition to adult life while still searching for signs of identity.

Inedito – Yvonne Venegas

This series is now my book called INEDITO which means Unpublished, since the work has been archived now for 6 years, but also, it means that the images and situations have not been manipulated, as official images might be. The book for international backers! Me regalaban sus momentos de cansancio, pensativos, emotivos, a veces de aburrimiento.

The story took place in an upper-class private school in Mexico City called Elite Way School, and it was about the love stories, dreams and ideals of its students. Gestus is an investigation about portraiture in the middle class of Mexico City, where she found willing subjects via open calls and flyers and took pictures of photographers at work while doing a portrait.


In she produced her first project for which she received the Baja California Art Fund grant, and did the series titled Portraits from Tijuanaand with it first learned about her interest in the pulsating space located between the perfect moment and one considered an error, as well as the possibility of portraiture as a form of exploring ideas.

For the pictures I took during the filming of the soap, the actors were very generous with me.

Since Yvonne lives and works in Venefas City with her husband and two children. For international backers outside of the US: Now the real life has surpassed the fiction. When they decided to make a record on the show, they had already sold three million records in the real world. So support this project! In recent times, Mexican politics has once againproved the broad impact such transformations can have.

The choices are limited to 5 each. Scroll down on the story page to see the image. A set of three 4×6 ink jet prints, printed and signed by me mailed to you with ibedito Through the support of the Visual Arts Department of the Televisa Foundation, YvonneVenegas was able to bear witness in to iendito filming of select episodes of the third season of Rebelthus getting to know the multiple personalities its main characters were compelled to unfold.

In she received the support of the Bancomer Foundation to publish the book. Support Select this reward.

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Check out the image on my story page. Estimated delivery Jul For international Backers outside of the US: A house in a family neighborhood.

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