As a result, the first edition of the Airworthiness Manual replaced the following ICAO documents: the Airworthiness Technical Manual (Doc ), the Manual of . Doc AN Airworthiness Manual. Volume I. Organization and ICAO Regional Director, Middle East Office, Egyptian Civil Aviation Complex,. France. ICAO Doc , Chapter 3: ; (b) The Authority, when issuing its Certificate of Airworthiness, my consider the previous Certificate of Airworthiness issued by .

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Source for ICAO Airworthiness Manual (doc 9760)

Recommended Practices for Charter Operations Introduction The BHA is a non-profit making organisation, whose main objective is to promote the use of helicopters throughout the country and to bring to the.

Box 1, Singapore Copies of this document More information. Aircraft noise certification Chapter 4: The continued applicability of EDTO approvals depends on the reporting of any EDTO Relevant Event – defined as “any system malfunction, degradation or other in-flight event that requires the crew to make a decision whether to turn back, divert or continue under an increased level of alertness”.

Evaluation Team More information. The specific safety risk assessment required to allow this exceptional EDTO approval to be granted must:.

Extended Range Operations – SKYbrary Aviation Safety

Certificate of airworthiness Chapter 5: All non-conformities observed should be reported to the applicant in writing for follow-up and corrective action. This would include a detailed review and evaluation of the applicant s: Airworthiness and Maintenance Requirements for U. Maintenance tasks and the intervals at which these are to be performed When applicable, a continuing structural integrity programme Procedures for changing and deviating from the above When applicable, conditioning monitoring and reliability programme descriptions of aircraft systems, components and engines.


Progress to date 4. Underlying international standards, recommendations and other documents: Aircraft maintenance modifications and repairs Chapter 9: Aircraft maintenance modifications and repairs Chapter 4: The aircraft does not conform with the type design approved by the State of Registry. Head Office More information.


Registration of aircraft Chapter 3: Organization s name and location Date of issue and period of validity Terms of approval A6, May Page Seek comments to improve the contents of the Manual 2 May Page 5.

Helicopter Safety “What’s being done to keep the helicopter ddoc the air?

Whilst each derivative of an aeroplane type variant requires explicit approval, Type Design Approval does not depend on in-service experience and recently-introduced aeroplane types have achieved EDTO qualification prior to initial entry into service. Non-EDTO 960 are expected, without any detailed specification, to be subject to flight planning principles which are additional to those for ‘normal’ operations in respect of:.

A set of descriptive data, maintenance planning and accomplishment instructions, developed by a dkc approval holder in accordance with the certification basis for the product.


ica European Commission date of receipt: Method used for the completion and retention of maintenance records Procedures for preparing and signing the maintenance release Coc authorized to sign the maintenance release Additional procedures to comply with operator s maintenance procedures Procedures for reporting service information Procedures to receive, assess, amending and distributing all necessary airworthiness data Part III, May Page Detailed Course Course Syllabus Revision Repair Station Training Program Initiated by: The C of A is only issued after all non-conformities are satisfactorily addressed.

Recurrent Evaluations 4 7. Structure of the EU regulatory system C. Name of person responsible for quality system: Box 1, Singapore Copies of this document may. State s airworthiness responsibilities Chapter 2: EDTO flights are subject to a process of explicit approval which, as with the former Extended Range Twin Operations system, has both aeroplane type design and aeroplane operational requirements.

Any part of which a mandatory replacement limit in hours, cycles or calendar time is specified in the type design, the mandatory continuing airworthiness information or instructions for continuing airworthiness. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Original November More information.