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Title & Document Type: A Noise Generator Operating and Service Manual This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note. Buy A – HP A HP Agilent A Random Noise Pattern Generator Binary Gaussian: Laptop Replacement Parts – ✓ FREE DELIVERY . Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hewlett Packard HP A Noise Generator [Misc.] at Read honest and unbiased product.

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Van Duzer, pg Ohme, pg 11 Automatic Loudness Analysis. Ohme, pg [Author: A new generator produces sine, square, and triangular signals as low as 0. Freedom from dc drift overcomes one of 3722w most troublesome effects in making oscilloscope measurements of transducer output and other small signals, by James R.

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A new High-Performance 1. Pen and ink has been the 37222a widely used writing method, but a new low-voltage electric writing system has proven successful for many difficult applications, by Dale R. Digital Frequency Synthesizer Covering 0. A DC to Effects of Distortion on Calibration, pg 6 [Author: Model A Ink Recorder being subjected to a programmed life test designed to check its reliability.

HP | Agilent History Center – Archives | Page 4

Gorss, pg [Author: Intermodulation distortion, always a problem in mixer design, can be largely prevented by a careful choice of bias and power levels, by Jack H. Gas leaks, corona, and other defects in industrial equipment can be located quickly by zeroing in on their high-frequency sounds. Novel averaging algorithms provide a stable, calibrated display of the average at all times and even allow the averager to follow slowly changing signals, by Charles R. Henshaw, Keith McMahan, pg 8 October v.


Making a spectrum analyzer that is precisely calibrated and as easy to use as an oscilloscope required a number of new circuit and system techniques, by Brian D.

HP A Noise Generator Hewlett Packard

Here are four remarkably varied examples of how these computers are being used, pg An easy-to-use dc differential voltmeter measures dc voltages from 1microvolt to volts with a resolution of 0. SweepGenerator Plug-Ins, pg A mobile teleprinter terminal with a telephone acoustic coupler brings a computer into the lab area A Practical Time-Shared Computer System.

Sweeping Four Decades at Low Frequencies. Halverson, Luiz Peregrino, pg 8. Swiontek, pg Authors: A new oscilloscope has the special capability of maintaining its dc baseline without drift which leads to higher dc accuracy and the important characteristic of being programmable, by John Strathman, pg Swiontek, Rolly Hassun, pg 12 April v. A review of some important systems for measuring the impedance of devices and circuits, by Charles G.

The performance possible with state-of-art techniques has been incorporated in a general-purpose test oscillator, by Myles A. Kohl, pg [Author: A mobile teleprinter terminal with a telephone acoustic coupler brings a computer into the lab area. A Fast-Reading Digital Voltmeter with.

Richard Crawford, Donald E. Cochran, pg [Author: How a YIG Filter works, pg 9. Digital Frequency Synthesis, by Bernard M. Precision Thin-Film Coaxial Attenuators.

A fully-portable laboratory instrument is useful from 1 hertz to 4 megahertz at levels to below 1 millivolt, by James M.

Agilent / HP 3722A Noise Generator

New information on the electronic transport properties of InAs has been one of the first benefits of the system, by Egon Loebner, T. Donald Braidwood, Alan D. By using feedback to adjust one bridge element automatically, a bp requiring only one balancing control is achieved, by Katsumi Yoshimoto, pg Peterson, pg [Author: Typical Applications of -hp- Model A, pg Ronald Riggert, pg Semi-automated thin-film techniques yield attenuators that are exceptionally precise and wideband dc to 18 GHzyet so economical that they can logically be used even in non-critical applications, by Stephen F.


A linear-temperature-coefficient quartz resonator has been developed, leading to a fast, wide-range thermometer with a resolution of. Hetzel, pg 14; Glenn B. Measurements made with a single new wide-range instrument: Possible error sources in a data amplifier system and ho they affect the choice of an amplifier, by Richard Y.

A brief description of the signals transmitted in TV channels for continuously checking channel quality, by Richard E. Yockey, pg 16 May v.

An automatic analog voltohmmeter simplifies dc voltage and resistance measurements and gives higher measurement accuracy and 322a than is usually obtained, by James F. An important circuit development in the form of an ultra-wideband sampling device is leading to major new capabilities in electronic instrumentation, by Wayne M. Cross, pg 8 Integrated-Circuit Counters.

Keiter, pg 16 February v.

Standard laboratory instruments are interconnected to provide a system that measures the short-term frequency stability of microwave sources to a precision of better than 1 part in 10, by James A.

A new audio-RF distortion analyzer has been designed which, when roughly pre-tuned, tracks the signal to be measured and automatically nulls the fundamental frequency allowing for a more consistent measurement and also over a wider frequency range, by Charles R.