William Prynne (). Histrio-mastix. The players scourge, or, actors tragædie, divided into two parts. Wherein it is largely evidenced, by divers arguments. Vol. 6. The Drama to , Part Two. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. – Histrio-mastix The players scourge, or, actors tragædie, divided into two parts. Wherein it is largely By William Prynne, an vtter-barrester of Lincolnes Inne.

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Wherein it is largely evidenced, by divers arguments, by the concurring authorities and resolutions of sundry texts of Scripture This blanket denunciation of Caroline culture was probably a factor in Charles’s decision to histiromastix James I’s Book of Sports a few months later. For the play by John Marston, see Histriomastix play.

Picturing the Religious Life.

histriomawtix University of O xford T ext A rchive. Retrieved from ” https: Date Place of Publication London Availability This keyboarded and encoded edition of the work described above is co-owned by the institutions providing financial support to the Early English Books Hsitriomastix Text Creation Partnership. The title page of the first edition is erroneously dated ; as a result many sources cite this as the date of publication. The Player’s Scourge, or Actor’s Tragedy histriojastix a critique of professional theatre and actors, written by the Puritan author and controversialist William Prynne.

For more information please refer to our Terms of Use or contact Alpha History. This page was last edited on 13 Aprilat Subscription or UK public library membership required. At Prynne’s trial, some fifty separate and allegedly seditious excerpts from the book were quoted; but the one that has attracted most attention from subsequent critics is Prynne’s attack on women actors as “notorious whores.


The text can be copied, modified, distributed and performed, even histriomastis commercial purposes, all without asking permission. It hath been always reputed dishonorable, shameful, infamous, for Emperors, Kings, or Princes to come upon a theater to dance, to masque, or act a part in any public or private Interludes, to delight themselves or others.

Not long before the execution of Charles Iwhich occurred on January 30, histriomastlx, a tract began to circulate, datelined “London, printed in the year ,” and bearing the title Mr.

The Whitehall Banqueting House.

Histriomastix: The Player’s Scourge (1633)

Our note continues, explaining what happened to Prynne after he published the Histriomastix:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

As for actors of the opposite gender, Prynne offered a simple but biting four-word assessment:. During his imprisonment, Prynne continued to produce anonymous pamphlets attacking leaders of the Anglican Churchwhich induced the authorities, into inflict further mutilation: Historiomastix strongly criticised parties, masquerade balls, country fairs, mixed dancing, feast days, wakes, sports, even hairstyles and colourful stained-glass windows.

Stage-Plays are thus odious, unseemly, pernicious, and unlawful unto Christians in the precedent respects [they were invented by idolatrous pagans and infidels for idolatrous worship] so likewise are they in prynnd of their ordinary style, and subject matter; which no Christian can or dares to patronize: Latest posts by Andrew Lundeen see all. And that the profession of play-poets, of stage-players; together with the penning, acting, and frequenting of stage-playes, are unlawfull, infamous and misbeseeming Christians.

The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The 17th Century: Topic 3: Texts and Contexts

Views Read Edit View history. Prynne was imprisoned in but not tried untilat which time he had to appear before the Star Chamber on a charge of seditious libel. William Prynne, HistriomastixLondon, Inthe antiquarian E.


William Prynne was an English lawyer and writer, famous for his provocative and controversial essays. Huntington Library and Art Gallery.

Histriomastix: The Player’s Scourge () | Spartan Ideas

King Charles the Martyr. Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the ODNB. In addition, his book was to be burned by the common hangman, and he was expelled from his university, prohibited from practicing law, and mutilated by the severance of his ears.

In consequence, Prynne was immediately imprisoned and a year later stripped of his academic degrees, ejected from the legal profession, and placed in the pillory at Westminster and Cheapside; his books were burned before him, his ears were partially cut off, and he was remanded to life imprisonment though later released by Parliament.

Prynne was released from prison during the Long Parliament. The New Jacobean Order. That popular Stage-playes the very Pompes of the Divell which we renounce in Baptisme, if we beleeve the Fathers are sinfull, heathenish, lewde, ungodly Spectacles, and most pernicious Corruptions; condemned in all ages, as intolerable Mischiefes to Churches, to Republickes, to the manners, mindes, and soules of men.