On a clear summer morning, the seven rivers of Hiroshima flow tranquilly through the city and people board the streetcars slowly plying the main avenu. Hiroshima No Pika (The Flash of Hiroshima) That morning in Hiroshima the sky was blue and cloudless. The sun was shining. Streetcars had. Hiroshima no pika written and illustrated by Toshi Maruki (translation of the same Japanese title; New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, ).

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That being said, this book could be considered fiction based research. I would not read this to younger children.

hlroshima In today’s international political climate, we are constantly hearing talks about nuclear weapons. I really enjoyed this international historical fiction picture book.

A grim and graphic book, painful to look at in some places.

It took me a very long time to complete it. The pictures are also very different and complex; the author was the illustrator as well.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. This book is meant for older students, I would say 4th grade at the lowest and up. The illustrations in this book are very abstract, trying to show the horrific scene playing out in Hiroshima on that day, but still not wanting to be to graphic for a chi This is another book based on World Ward Two. Based on a true story the mother told to the author, this is a book that generates deep thought and hearty discussions. Her mother pulled her head above the water.


But it shows exactly what happened that day and the cause and effect it had on these people. The story is told through a young girl’s eyes of her small family’s experience of the atomic bomb. The rivers flow slowly to the sea, carrying the lanterns in memory of those who died.

Then a rainbow arched across the sky pushing the dark away.


The story shows Mii and her mother trying to escape the devastation. They ran among piles of cracked roof tiles, over fallen telephone poles and wires. Was there a “Why”? I would be hesitant to use this book hkroshima my class due to the nudity in the illustrations.

Hiroshima No Pika by Toshi Maruki

Titles range from the peace- and environment-themed works Okinawa, shima no koe Okinawa: This book would be a good one to pair with “Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes” as it covers the actual event more, while Sadako goes in depth about the generation after and how they were impacted. When Mii took it from her, the woman fell down again. Floating behind him was the hiroshika of a cat. Nothing really new for me, but it still always an event difficult to read about.


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Text-to-World Hiroshima No Pika is a powerful look at what happens to children, mothers, fathers and all people who are subjected to a nuclear bomb. I thank my editors, the Chiba brothers, for their help and encouragement.

Four days after the bomb, Mii let go of her chopsticks. But is that all there is to say on the subject? Some people, all their strength gone, fell face down on the ground, and others fell on top of them.

HIROSHIMA NO PIKA by Toshi Maruki | Kirkus Reviews

Hop…hop… She saw a man floating pija down the river. When I would speak of the Flash, they would say I was trying to draw upon their pity or that I was exaggerating my story. Please listen to me!

The pictures are disturbing but painted in an abstract way to lessen the harshness for young children.