Length = (av. = ) �m; width = (av. = ) �m. Female: Adult white, lemon-shaped with large egg-mass often almost. During to in several nematological surveys in the Tepeaca Valley, Puebla, Mexico, carrot cyst nematode, Heterodera carotae was. General information about Heterodera carotae (HETDCA).

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Chlorosis and reddish foliage. EdsCyst nematodes. Taxonomic Tree Top of page Domain: B, Statistical parsimony network showing the phylogenetic relationships between haplotypes of species of the Goettingiana group.

Anterior and posterior cephalids at level of second and sixth body annules, respectively. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Systematics of cyst nematodes Nematoda: At first the male and female juveniles look similar, both being threadlike and growing to 1.

Heterodera carotae – Wikipedia

Mexican Journal of Phytopathology Each plant species was tested in three replicates. Egg-sac rapidly fills with extruded eggs which are at first unembryonated, but later contain fully developed juveniles. Paired ovaries almost fill entire body cavity.

Wall-pattern consists of irregular zig-zag lines forming a close network. Cid del Prado-Vera, I. The Tepeaca Valley in this state is known as an important vegetable producing area and it is constituted by 13 municipalities. Juveniles from the egg-mass hatch within a few days, even in the absence of a host plant, and may begin a second generation by invading young rootlets.


For plants reported to have some level of resistance to this species, click. Host-suitability of black medick Medicago lupulina L. Division of Plant Industries, 4. Sub-crystalline layer usually not observed; bullae absent.

Heterodera carotae Pest Information

De la Jara-Alcocer, F. Head small, consisting of labial plate and cagotae single annule. More information about modern web browsers can be found at http: Distribution, life cycle and hdterodera changes by Heterodera sp. The population dynamics in microplots of brassica and beet cyst nematode in rotations which include oilseed rape. The measurements taken were vulval slit length, fenestral length and width.

Journal of Nematology50 2 After 54 days, one plot was used for the extraction of second stage juveniles J2 and males by the centrifugal flotation technique Jenkins, Methods for the recovery and counting of cysts of Heterodera schachtii from soil.

Articles with ‘species’ microformats. Reported median body size for this species Length mm; width micrometers – Click: Observations on the beet eelworm and other cyst-forming species of Heterodera. Datasheet Heterodera carotae carrot cyst nematode. Up to now, 15 species of cyst nematodes from four genera, Globodera, Punctodera, Cactodera, and Heterodera have been known csrotae Mexico and with our new finding of H.

The most common variation is the presence of spherical refractive bodies within the tail, sometimes with associated swelling. Inthe Puebla State of Mexico was the first producer of carrots at national level with an annual production of 75, t SIAP, Observation on the morphology of Heterodera carotae and Heterodera avenae in Michigan.


EPPO Global Database

According to Jones a and Mathews the male stylet of H. The host range test allowed to distinguish these species from each other. Cactodera cacti is a parasite of cacti and was found in several states of Mexico with warm temperatures and lower elevations Baldwin and Mundo-Ocampo,Cactodera amaranthiin spinach Spinacia oleracea L.

When several references are cited, they may give conflicting information on the status. We use cookies to personalise content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyse our traffic.

Females White lemon shaped with large egg sac almost of the size of the female; vulval slit on cone terminus.

Labial disc fusioned Table 1 ; Fig. A, Cysts; B, Vulval cone.

Journal of Nematology Mexican cyst nematode, Globodera mexicana Campos-Vela, ; Subbotin et al. No penetration of the nematode and any stages were observed in roots of the other plants tested. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The dehydrated cysts remain infective in the soil heterodeda adhering to roots for up to ten years. Nematology monographs crotae perspectives. A second cyst-forming nematode parasite of barley Hordeum vulgare L. Vulval slit, av.