When it comes to creating fantastic cities, you don’t need an eldritch tome crackling with power; you only need GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics. Building. Board Games · Home · Recent Additions · Welcome · Wiki. Subdomains. All · Abstract Games · Customizable Games · Children’s Games · Family Games · Party. We’ve limited ourselves to GURPS Magic, but those who have. Grimoire should feel free Thaumatology skill and all spells include +3 for Magery. . Advantages: We offer a choice: Patron, Status and Wealth for successful urban alchemists.

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Class is about to begin! Uncover specifics with the supplied GURPS City Stats details and a timeline that will prove edifying for potential students and teachers.

GURPS Thaumatology: Urban Magics | Reviews | Forum | BoardGameGeek

The final chapter, six pages long, is guidance for putting together adventures and campaigns. Like, I mean “wow, this book is better than it sounds,” can only fly so many times, right? This supplement also includes: You shouldn’t be surprised anymore if books keep being way better than the low bar you set!

So it has some suggested mechanics for what to do when building with girders of essential steel, or forging with essential fire.

GURPS Thaumatology

In fantasy tales, cities can be safe havens, goals of quests, or places to visit along the way. So many people that you have new mechanical concerns like concerting and managing mana contributions for world-shaping spells.

The first and second are more or less neither obviously or singularly hostile or kind, but the last group is especially interesting and inspired.


What series would they go in if not Thaumatology?

Learn which spells are available, which are modified, which are forbidden, and how to gain and use image magic. I guess, the idea is important, but there is no instruction manual for making the perfectly interesting or character building extra details that make a city special. Tap the power of sacred architecture, urban divination, or ley lines.

The final chapter is guidance especially for the GM to manage and build up a campaign from the fantasy urban setting, fixtures, and tropes.

It helps the GM think of and answer questions like: Or maybe it is just my hangup. Eight thematic campaign ideas that keep the action city-centric. What systems of magic would be fitting for a street thaumatologgy This was one of the more captivating chapters again, maybe because I like the idea of looking at magic in a systematic organized way and that’s basically what this chapter is all about enabling.

What’s the purpose of a city when magic users are common?

Warehouse 23 will be closed December 24th, January 1st, I do appreciate the book recommendations at the very end though. Whether organizing a mages’ guild, tapping a city’s unique essence, bargaining with the gods, or designing a magical city-based campaign, GURPS Thaumatology: You know, I am pleasantly surprised so often, I wonder if I have a right to be surprised anymore? Thaumatology – Urban Magics. But that’s fair, because they need some kinda foundation to build on; too abstract a concept, and the chapter turns magicss wool-gathering navel gazing nonsense.

Urban Magics has what you need!

Sean Punch

Oh well, with that introduction out of the way, let’s thaumatologgy in. Most templates have a similar sized pool of lenses. There is a bit of mechanical detail here, and the mechanical detail offered is actually really cool in my opinion, but that isn’t the star of this show.


Get insight into the new variant magic system introduced in this supplement: Just ignoring the mechanics for the moment, thinking about magicians fulfilling such “mundane” jobs gets the creativity engine firing on multiple cylinders. Organization is what it is; there is no especially meaningful way to organize this content one way or another, but as usual, there is an index if you need it. Or is it an overtly obvious cornerstone of civilization?

Worminghallyou can learn the secrets of the universe in the morning and take a tavern magice with friends in the evening. Gift Certificates fnord23 Contact Us. As far as fitting in the line, this is obviously following on the first chapter of Thaumatology where it talks about the nature of magic.

Explore the town and its suburb through descriptions of key locations and their more noteworthy personalities, including GURPS modifiers for finding each place. Worminghall describes one such institution, ready to serve as the focus for adventure and excitement in any fantasy world. Anonymous September 16, at 4: Lights, water, power, and sewage — there’s nothing magic can’t handle!

Get details on their backgrounds, personalities, and even a few secrets.