Since you’re dealing with PostScript images, one option might be to use GhostView; I’ve done so successfully in the past. As an example. Crop PDF files with Ghostscript. Normally, with the following command and justifications on the CropBox parameters, it should work. gs -o [gs-devel] Cropping PDF Files usign Ghostscript All the PDF files I’m using came with a Default Crop Box, and these files are generated by.

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I am not able to get what the left top right bottom parameters are.

A second later, you can look at the resulting. If you want margins or other things, you can of course just open the script and add arguments after pdfcrop. Then the media dimensions are: Next, you can easily use your cursor to find one of two defining coordinates.

I have installed Ghostscript 9. Because I do not have it and can therefore not tell what you are looking for. I’ll take the example of one of my old graphic files, produced with cop and pst-epsthat had a very badly computed bounding box.


It is however easy to write a script that will crop all pdfs in the folder the script is located in.

Comparing the size of PDFCrop’s output to its input, it looks as if pdfcrop only modifies the bounding boxes. You can effectively change the size by changing the dpi at import.

Crop PDF files with Ghostscript [Xiaoke Yang]

Great, it works perfectly well. I have written a small script to simplify the process inspired by this answer: This may help you. Alex Ball 2 6. I am even new to Ghostscript.

Margins, cropping, and bounding boxes

Show the bounding box if you wish to see the extent of the existing whitespace: An alternative in a similar vein is to use Inkscape, which is a vector-based image editor, but it has some troubles sometimes with EPS files see the Inkscape forums, lots of people complain about Inkscape tampering their EPS on loadingbut when it works it’s great since Inkscape can also automatically tightly crop the image based on the content.

The original usage was for EPS. Sign up using Facebook.

Sunday 1 4 However, this may not work reliably for all types of PDFs [1]. You can also crop PDF files simply using Ghostscript. Then click on Convert and saveā€¦. Also, another alternative is to use ps2eps, as suggested here: The problem with this approach is that Gimp is a pixel-based image editor, thus your image will lose its vectorized quality ie: The procedure is very simple: In this example we do the top-left coordinate.


Since you’re dealing with PostScript images, one option might be to use GhostView ; I’ve done so successfully in the past. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have gsvirw and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

[gs-devel] Cropping PDF Files usign Ghostscript

Also, Google can help you with the conversion google. It exists both for Windows and Linux and does everything converting and cropping the resulting. I find this very handy when including pdf illustrations in documents.

You could use a pypdf script from this page. I would suggest you take a look at PDFcrop. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.