In this tutorial we will look at interfacing KS display controller based JHDE display. There are many displays out there based on KS or. A x64 graphical LCD based on the KS controller chip is required. GLCDexample * * Basic test code for the Arduino KS GLCD library. * This code. ERMSYG-2 is “glcd x64 display graphic lcd module,ks+ks controller,stn lcd,yellow green led backlight,wide operating temperature.

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A graphical LCD is an electronic display unit which can display k0s108 type of elements provided by the user. We fill most small quantity orders immediately.

Any pin can be assigned to any glcd function. Steve, if you are using Arduino then you no longer need to delete the. I’ve also learned that this this stuff is never straightforward as first thought. Play close attention for how to wire up the contrast pot. However it allows us the flexibility of creating gtaphic like Arial, times new roman etc.

It is the master configuration file. There is a serial interface that is not part of the release but could be developed to remotely drive one or more displays if someone was inclined to pick this up.

If you want to go the multiple arduino board route, or look at trying to get drive two displays from a single mega then then I suggest waiting a little while for a new version of the library that is easier to interface and has more functionality. EastRising gives the promise to every customer to every product we sell on this web store.

The method naming is mostly unchanged to facilitate porting of code written for the original version. There are 8 pages in each half which is controlled by each KS controller. Find the section in the file that begins:.


Arduino Playground – GLCDks

So lets get started. We could also display bit-map images on it and stretching it little further we can make GUI’s and little animation, but that’s for another day.

This instruction will turn ON the display. We have used a 1K resistor to limit the current to the backlit LED. So that means you can hook all the pins from both displays together and share all the pins other than the CSEL lines. Customer Reviews 3 Item s Show 10 20 50 per page.

KS Based Graphic LCD Interfacing with PIC18F – Part 2 –

Worked perfectly with Duemilanove and and now with Mega using big 30pt font. Hey guys, First of all, thank you all for your time and assistance in advance. In our previous article, we were discussing features, pin diagrams, internal features of the KS controller based GLCDs and graphic LCD interfacing with a microcontroller. We will be discussing each of the instructions and implementation in the next part of this article.

The data will be latched at the falling edge of the E. In order to do this, one leg of the pot needs to hook to ground, one leg needs to hook to the Vee negative voltage output pin and then the wiper middle pin of the pot will have the variable voltage output that can be fed to the Vo contrast control input pin.

Some methods now have default arguments to make them easer to use. Ran Talbott Edison Member Posts: Just send me a PM. A 10K ohm pot is connected as shown in the circuit to generate V.


A Processing sketch is provided in the download that converts bmp images to files that can be used by the library to display the image on the LCD.

Below function checks whether the display is in reset condition or OFF.

GLCD 128×64 display Graphic LCD Module w/KS0107+KS0108 Black on YG

If the address is less than 64, it is controlled by left. Lxd the command pins should all be on one port and all the data pins together on another. We can make character fonts as we wish.

I think it would be easier to “trick” the code into thinking the display was one x64 module rather than than two x64 modules. For those that need a reset pulse and connecting the glcd to the arduino reset line causes the autoreset on the aruduino board to fail, the library must be used to reset the glcd which requires another Arduino pin.

There will be push buttons next to the displays to select lcs of the relevant variables to display at that spot.

KS0108 Based Graphic LCD Interfacing with PIC18F4550 – Part 2

Unlike a 16 x 2 display, graphicc does not have a character map for ascii values stored on its ROM. They are not included in the firmware because they are either covered by other characteristics or they are not that significant. All in all, I think it’s a pretty standard arrangement. Please refer the KS lcr for finding out the maximum, minimum and typical values of the timing parameters.

If you are ok with a GPL 3.