Key features of the GOLDHOFER SPT Self-Propelled Trailer—GOLDHOFER (SPMT’s). 4 FILE UNIT. Carrying Capacity = t / Axle. Carrying Capacity. Video: New SPMT from Goldhofer “The response has been outstanding. The numbers sold in Munich show that we have again developed just. HomeBuy a truckPST-ES-EGoldhofer SPMT. Goldhofer SPMT. Sold. Let us find an alternative! Share. To see more details, videos and prices. Create an account.

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This trailer is based on an axle spacing of 9ft.

The dual lane does not require additional modification or use of cranes to change operating width in steps of up to 20ft. Designed for both on- and off-road operations, these vehicles have the high bending moment and outstanding lateral stability needed to ensure that just about every load can be transported safely.

As one of the market leaders in the field of heavy-duty modular trailers and hydrostatically powered modular transporters, Goldhofer has set itself the goal of developing individual cost-effective solutions for customers whose business involves transporting loads weighing between 50t and over 10,t. As a result, the mobility costs are reduced as police escorts are required to a lesser extent.

Goldhofer SPMT :: Trucks4Trailers

This road concept offers the unique advantages of allowing the user to change the trailer width in the field under load without using a crane or forklift.

Change of width even under load Hydraulic pendulum wheel sets with 6ft.

Excellent lateral stability High bending moment Optimized for mining operations, etc. The sturdy engineering and high bending moment guarantee excellent and safe performance on the most uneven terrain.

The change of width is even possible under load. Operation with basic width of 18 and 20ft. Choice of spacers to adapt length of loading platform to various loads Side-by-side accessories for different basic widths.


Most economical solution for transporting loads of up to t by road Torsion-resistant frame with closed loading platform for concentrated loads and heavy-duty loads in the drop deck. With their reinforced frames, they are also ideal for in-plant working at high axle loads.

Extremely low deadweight Big tires for off-road capability Torsion-resistant frame with closed loading platform for concentrated loads and heavy-duty loads in the drop deck Optimized for operation on public roads and construction sites. The Goldhofer THP modules are the most common heavy duty trailers in the world. Combinations with other heavy-duty modules Choice of decks Standard accessories drawbar, swivel arm, center pulling device, etc. Please activate javascript in your browser.

The electronic multiway steering is the key to millimeter accuracy when maneuvering heavy loads. Legal axle spacing between the tandem groups 14ft. Robust, torsion-resistant frame with closed loading platform for concentrated loads kN tractive force per axle line Electronic synchronization with other self-propelled modules.

Operation with basic width of 14ft Widening up to 20ft Axle spacing 9ft. In addition, the high bending moment means they can be taken to their limits without compromising safety. The change of width is even possible while driving and under load.

Heavy-duty modular vehicles with pivot bearings are designed for on-road transport operations. The extreme low deadweight guarantees maximum payloads for dual lane trailers in tandem configurations.

Goldhofer SPMT

The wider track provides outstanding lateral stability, and the modules have the tractive force gokdhofer handle the gradients. Operation with basic width of 16, 18 or 20ft. Different axle spacing for legal axle loads on public roads Wheel sets easily removed to adjust axle spacing Combinable with PST self-propelled transporters Improved accessories for extreme weather conditions.


You can count on Goldhofer Transport Systems in even the most challenging situations thanks to our advanced technology and a virtually unlimited range of sppmt.

The torsion-resistant frame and high bending moment ensure that heavy loads can be transported safely. Steering modes – overview.

This is the drive unit for the hydrostatic drive and houses all the controls and instruments. In addition to its standard modular trailers, Goldhofer offers special modules with different sizes of goldhhofer and axle spacing to accomodate specific regional highway regulations for maximum permissible axle loads and payloads.

The hydrostatic drive of our self-propelled heavy-duty modules guarantees smooth travel at infinitely variable speeds under even the most challenging conditions.

Video: New SPMT from Goldhofer

Operation with basic width of 14 up to 20ft. In addition to hydrostatic drive, these vehicles are also fitted with electronic multiway steering.

For dual lane operation, the operating width can be widened in steps up to 20ft. Operation with basic width from 16 to 20ft. Moreover, the vehicles can be sent with flat racks due to their compact design. In combination with dropdecks, for example, high loads can also be carried.

The torsion-resistant frame, the low deadweight and high bending moment permit extremely heavy or concentrated loads to be carried. Additional operation width of 18 or 20ft. We have accordingly been committed for decades to the continuous further development of our internationally acclaimed modular systems, which are deployed for all kinds of transport operations under the most demanding conditions.