Enterprise Linux System Administration. Course Summary. Description. This is an in-depth course that explores installation, configuration and maintenance of. GL Enterprise Linux Systems Administration: RHEL6 SLES11 [Guru Labs L.C.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Advance your learning in GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration with NetCom. NetCom Learning uses vendor-sanctioned Vendor Neutral – Technical.

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Common Boot Options Anaconda: This assessment is for your benefit and best taken without any preparation or reference materials, so your skills can be objectively measured. Richard has trained more than students at NetCom Learning with an average evaluation score of 8. A sought-after instructor and eternal favorite among students, his instructor feedback scores are among the administrtion highest at 8.

Inability to Boot If we determine that you need additional preparation or training in order to gain the most value from this course, we will recommend cost-effective solutions that you can use to get ready for the course.

Joseph demonstrates a straightforward, adninistration teaching style in order to reach students at widely differing levels of expertise. Configuring Routing Tables 7. Hisham holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science, in addition to having more than 20 years of experience as a professor and a trainer.


Sam Polsky has spent his entire career in entrepreneurial pursuits, including such fields adminitsration biotechnology, software development, data management, and business process management.

Log Anomaly Detector Hot Courses Sale – Our bestselling courses discounted to fit your end of year budget Learn More. Ihre Fragen zum Kurs. List Block Devices 8. We are passionate in delivering the best learning experience for our students and they are happy to share their learning experience with us.

GL Enterprise Linux System Administration › New Horizons Training (Schweiz) AG

Creating Logical Volumes 4. Carmille is passionate about educating and has a unique talent for making complex syztem and development principals seem “easy” to students from all levels of expertise. SELinux Security Framework Choosing an SELinux Policy He is also an Adobe specialist and holds a degree in Graphic Design.

As a Certified Master Dynamics trainer, she stays abreast of the latest Dynamics modules and shares experience with a very hands-on training technique at NetCom Learning. File Creation Permissions with umask System Configuration Files In addition to teaching and developing courses for the past 10 years, Joseph has authored course materials for many AutoDesk courses. Examining LVM Components 7. All students in the class are at a comparable skill level, so the class administation run smoothly without beginners slowing down the class for everyone else.

GRUB 2 Security Legacy local bootup script support Kinux Network-Wide Time Read what students had to say about their experience at NetCom. Michael has over 22 years of professional experience in the IT field, including more than a decade as a Certified Trainer.


Loading Anaconda and Packages Anaconda: Starting and Stopping Interfaces 9.

Configuring New Hardware with hwinfo 3. Advanced Adminisration Components His extensive product knowledge and exuberant teaching style makes Joseph a consistently highly rated instructor at NetCom Learning.

GL250 – Enterprise Linux System Administration

Information from ss and netstat GRUB 2 Configuration 9. NFS Server Configuration 8. Multiple IP Addresses 2. Advanced LVM Caching She has developed several specialized training courses for various types of support centers for communication skills, stress management, process improvement, etc. Managing an XFS Filesystem He is also well versed in Inventor 8 and 9. He has provided training, mentoring and consulting services using Microsoft development tools enteprise products.

GL – Enterprise Linux System Administration Training Course | Certification Exam

Command Line Tools virsh: Querying and Verifying with RPM 7. Has trained over students at Netcom Learning. PAM Control Statements 5. Multipathing Best Practices Viewing and Monitoring Quotas Linux Runlevels Aliases