Francis MacNutt. likes · 1 talking about this. Francis attended Harvard University, holds a Masters Degree from Catholic University of America, and. Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) in Jacksonville, Florida, founded by Dr. Francis MacNutt and his wife, Judith, is one of the premier Christian. This new, revised, and expanded edition of MacNutt’s bestselling book Healing provides a context within which to understand healing. Covers topics including.

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Wednesday, December 13, Dr. In the footsteps of Agnes Sanford.

The CMI staff haave instructed thousands of ministers and lay leaders on healing, inner healing, and deliverance prayer. It is effectively continuing the work of the Schools of Pastoral Care that were started by Agnes Sanford.

The books the MacNutts have authored are among the most influential and effective in the contemporary Christian healing movement. For instance, Judith produced a fine work on angels and Francis did a book on the phenomenon of being slain in the spirit, which is now a standard on the topic.

Francis MacNutt was born in to a well-to-do Catholic family. His father was especially devout and passed his spirituality on to his children. Francis went to Catholic prep school and then attended Harvard as a pre-med student. This was interrupted by World War II.

He was ordained as a priest six years later. Mwcnutt speech training served him well, and he developed as an excellent and anointed preacher. He then taught homiletics at the Dominican seminary and wrote a homiletics textbook for Catholic priests. He was a rising star among Dominican priests. The s was the decade when Pope John XXIII opened up Catholic scholarship to outside influences and allowed priests to attend conferences and services of other denominations.

Alfred Price, then the Frwncis national director. Jo Kimmel, that his curiosity about Christian healing was really macnugt. After a lengthy conversation, Mrs. Kimmel not only invited Francis to attend a CFO but even paid his expenses there. Agnes later recounted her meeting with this handsome, white-robed Dominican priest.

He immediately told her that he wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Agnes directed him to go to a group that was doing that type of prayer at the end of the day. MacNutt did so, but was disappointed. Agnes recalled his response: But nothing really happened inside. We frabcis with two others into my room, and there with the laying on of hands, I prayed for the real entering of the Spirit of God—into the heart, into the soul, into the unconscious.


He was so overwhelmed with holy joy that he laughed aloud, not in any hysterical fashion, but in a deep outpouring from his heart.

He has since led countless others into this experience. Agnes also prophesied over Fr. MacNutt that he would be used by the Lord to bring healing prayer back to the Catholic Church. This was led by Agnes and the Rev.

Francis learned all he could from Agnes and has repeatedly declared his indebtedness to her teaching and writings. Sanford prophesied, MacNutt francsi one of the key leaders of the new Catholic Charismatic Renewal, and a teacher of healing prayer to that movement. He was a frequent speaker at its early conventions and meetings, and a keynote speaker at the famous Kansas City conference ofwhich gathered together classical Pentecostals and the new charismatics for the first time.

Two years later, Fr. When not on the road, his home base was the Dominican Merton House in St. Louis, which was the center of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal for the area. Francis was also the founder of the Association of Christian Therapists, which aimed at integrating healing prayer into the medical profession. The group continues its work to this day crancis produces the excellent Journal of Christian Healing. It became a bestseller, as it explains in simple terms the varied aspects of healing prayer, as in physical healing, inner healing, and deliverance.

Healing includes a very wise chapter on why some persons are not healed, a problem that has bedeviled the healing ministry since its beginnings.

In those years Francis labored constantly to interpret Pentecostalism and its understanding of the Holy Spirit to his Catholic audience. For instance, he tackled the thorny problem that some Catholics were asking about being rebaptized.

Healing by Francis S. MacNutt

Pentecostal brethren often suggested rebaptism to newly Spirit-filled Catholics, but ancient doctrine and tradition forbade repeated baptisms. MacNutt cut the Gordian knot on this issue by suggesting that infant baptism is good, as it often results in unexpected healing and protection from demonic influences, but every Christian needs to make an adult recommitment to Jesus.

It is difficult to overestimate the positive influence that Fr.

MacNutt had on the healing ministry of the Catholic Church. He was not the only Catholic priest of the early Catholic Charismatic Movement, nor the only one who promoted the new inner healing ministry.

But he was undoubtedly the most prominent among them. It lingers in the more traditional sectors of the Church.

Similar authors to follow

This achievement has not been adequately noted since the Galatian Bewitchment was never an official doctrine backed by encyclicals or catechism statements, etc.


Thus its passing was not fought against once it began to dissolve.

I know of no Catholic clerical Pharisee who made an argument that healing prayer must be restricted to monks or designated holy persons. The obvious biblical basis for the laying on of hands and the immediate effectiveness that this ministry brought to countless Catholic charismatic prayer groups simply made the Galatian Bewitchment a ghost of a doctrine.

Perhaps only persons old enough to remember the healing practices of s Catholicism can appreciate the sea change that has occurred. When I was a boy, healing prayer practiced in our parish in New York City ranged from lighting a votive candle to Mary or some saint to saying a rosary for a healing intention. No one laid hands on the sick with the intention and expectancy of real healing to be accomplished. Priests ministered the sacrament of extreme unction for those dying with no expectancy that they would experience physical healing.

He was not given the usual dispensation of vows from his superiors, and this closed his ministry to Catholic churches and conferences. This saddened the MacNutts, but it unexpectedly opened new doors of ministry for them with Protestant and Pentecostal churches. Ultimately, inthe Catholic hierarchy relented and officially laicized Francis. That is, he and Judith were received as Catholics in good standing he could say mass in private.

In Francis, then eighty-three, handed over the reins of Christian Healing Ministries to Judith, who now does most of the speaking and teaching at CHM, as it continues its work in carrying on the legacy of Mrs. Ave Maria Press, Deliverance From Evil Spirits.

Logos International, — Posted, March 20, The noted Pentecostal scholar Dr. Pentecostal and Anglican Plays and Postscripts. It includes two plays and their postscripts. The postscripts examine the controversial aspects of the plays and focus on two false early gospels which distorted the meaning of the true Gospels.

My wife has written a funny and inspiring story of how she transited from a cessionist and Baptist to a Spirit-filled Believer. The book has many stories of our three decades of macnutg together. MacNutt and Judith with the staff of Christian Healing ministries.

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