FM 55-450-2 PDF

Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM ) [Department of the Army ] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Field Manual provide extensive information about FM ( ). FM PREFACE. This manual will assist personnel who perform helicopter internal load missions. It will familiarize them with.

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Whenever winching a L pallet, always use two attaching points. Large helicopters, such as the CH, can generate rotor wash in excess of knots.

Maintenance 1 Remove all dirt, dust, or mud from webbing items by drybrushing. For specific procedures, refer to TM If the chain is too loose, release it and extend the hook. Never push or slide L pallets across any solid surface; to do so will f damage to the skin.

FM Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations – Chptr 1 Internal Cargo-Carrying Helicopters

Pass the link end of the second chain through or around the left attach- ment point. Inspect shoring before it is used to make sure that it is clean, sound, and fit for its intended purpose. The AHD has the same safety items to look for as the utility helicopters, such 55450-2 tail rotor, skids, and wire strike kit.

The receiving unit — 1 Selects 55-4450-2 controls the LZ. This procedure is particularly important when tying down tall items and composite cargo loads consisting of several stacked boxes. Divide the total moment by the total weight. Each tie-down has a rated strength, which is the load or force it is designed to withstand.


Always use the same row of rings on the side nets to ensure that the top net pulls evenly. Vm device weighs about 3. The cargo restraint net rings on the walls and ceiling have a rated capacity of 3, pounds Figure Ring, D, parachute, NSN The height of a composite load should not be greater than itsTength in the longitudinal direction, if it can be avoided.

The fittings are hinged so that they can be seated in floor recesses when not in use. The UH Blackhawk is a twin-turbine-engine, single-rotor helicopter with a 55-540-2 landing gear Figure It uses the cargo hook adapter taken from the civilian Ranger helicopter.

The length of space between the ends of the board and the blocking material or between each set of blocking material should be no longer than 4 feet. The L system is the Air Force standard for move- ment of concentrated cargo. The netting material will mildew and deteriorate. This manual does not provide details on aviation operations, nor does it present detailed information that would normally be in unit standing operat- ing procedures SOPs or other publications that specifically address the subject.

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Army Helicopter Internal Load Operations (FM 55-450-2)

Tie-down devices secure cargo against forward, rearward, lateral, and vertical movement during takeoff, flight, and landing. A 3,pound capacity winch is mounted on the floor in the right-hand forward bulkhead. Generally, 10,pound capacity tie-down cba ins are used to form a towing Tbridle Figure When used for additional cargo space, the ramp must be positioned so that the ramp floor is level with the cargo floor.

Hook the top net into the side nets by using the O-rings. For additional information, use FM as a reference for planning internal and external load operations.

Apply the first four tie-down devices so that the tie-down angle is 30 degrees with the cargo floor and 30 degrees with the longitudinal axis of the helicopter.

Two models of the CH are used by the military A and B.

Make sure that the tie-down fittings are not overloaded. Then attach the hook and ratchet end to a tie-down. Hook one end link o form a circle. The four in the ramp are in a rectangular pattern.