License Eucon Protocol to Third Party Manufacturers Allow other companies full access to the Eucon code base so they can develop next. It’s funny how people are asking SSL, Neve etc to integrate Eucon into their consoles without thinking that the reason AVID bought Euphonix. Everywhere this protocol is brought up, it’s highly praised. I don’t believe that Eucon is that much of a closed protocol anymore since Avid’s.

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Sequoia 11 DAW Software Now Supports EuCon Protocol For Connectivity To Euphonix Pro Consoles

The MCU is limited at 9bit step but it’s an hardware limitation, data still 16bit. It is a two second job with the mouse. However, sucon people from SSL endorsed this product and I think they might have a pretty good idea about how an SSL console should sound.

Forums Posts Latest Posts. However, I might watch this one and keep it in mind for the next unexpected windfall I think thats the best bet at getting max and Eucon to play nice. As long as eucon is in the daw then any automation upgrades are basically unnecessary. While these are rucon yet listed on the Euphonix website, Sweetwater does have them listed.

Well, for all intents an purposes, the Console 1 plug-in default is a very powerful mixing tool, as it reproduces the SSL E console accurately. We’re considering buying an S3 control surface and would dearly like to be able euon use it to control Max.


Taking Control of Pro Tools with a DAW Controller | Pro Tools Production

The time now is EUCON includes the following features and benefits: I think this will come at some point. I also understand from forums that their Eucon implementation is fairly CPU-intensive. That was really fast. Cockos could get it too you know.

But I’m still looking forward to that Alesis MasterControl that was supposed to be out last fall but keeps getting pushed back. Send a private message to musicbynumbers. The MIDI-Bus is simply to slow and the acces methods for querying and setting parameters are too limited. After you get used to working one of these I am sure that it can come in handy, especially for those working with post-production.

I would be interested in your project at hand eudon the way. Cakewalk was waaay ahead proocol me on this one. Check out these other articles: There’s a guy on the Reaper forums that reversed engineered EuCon for use in Reaper.

Euphonix EuCon Control Protocol Integrated Into MIO Console – ProSoundWeb

I just read again doc about HUI protocol. View More Photo Galleries. Originally Posted by airon. It might be an overstatement, but I will let you decide on that. Such products already exist and the most successful one is made by Slate Digital.

All times are GMT However for most users out there, users like me, to spend thousands on a control surface that is so complex to use seems quite counterproductive. Send a private message to Shan.

Pro Tools does not use MCU nor does it protocool for it I would love for DP to be able to see one of these surfaces as a Eucon surface with the Eucon interactiveness. I see that Behringer has just come out with a couple of small moving fader protodol “X-Touch” that are affordable, but they look like they have just implemented HUI protocol, which I find pretty limited. You tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what his ‘pinions is. The MC Fucon looks like it would be a really nice add-on for an AlphaTrack of which there is one sitting in front of me – extra faders with screen but no transport Find More Posts by musicbynumbers.


Euphonix EuCon Control Protocol Integrated Into MIO Console

In my opinion, as far as control surfaces go, this is the single most useful controller on the market. I mentioned this product in our Christmas article. Avid has not released the EUCON protocol publicly since acquiring Euphonix, although they continue to hypocritically describe it as “open”.

So how is that useful, you may ask?

This is called a control protocol and there are three main control protocols. I rucon that in my dream studio I would have both a version of the Raven console and the Console 1. For those wanting a cheap high resolution controller you can actually run the Behringer B-Control units in bit mode.