Full text of “Erectus Walks Amongst Us: The Evolution of Modern Humans () Among primates, [in order to reproduce] it is easier to be a female than to. Erectus Walks Amongst Us .. anything. The rest of us live in this sea of misinformation. .. foundation in any real differences among human groups.” ( Zimmer. Erectus Walks Amongst Us .. much inflow of more evolved alleles from northern populations, they are among the most primitive populations.

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The problem is that he cherry-picks or misconstrues those facts in order to support his thesis that Africans, and their relatives around the globe, are “less-evolved” I’m loathe to stick the “racist” label onto anyone, since it is used so erecuts these days, especially in describing those who don’t follow a specific ideological benefit.

The last section is Fuerle explaining why some people mainly white men are more equal than others. There are also problems with procreation and immune system, hugely important when you’re talking about the vitality of the population.

Had we lived then, there is little doubt we would not have objected.

Anderson rated it it was amazing Aug 19, Only a few hundred years ago our ancestors found nothing objectionable about owning and selling other people, and some millenniums prior to that the main course walke dinner might be a member of a neighboring tribe. Jason marked it as to-read Dec 19, Oleg Derevyanko rated it it was amazing Nov 28, Govind Parmar rated it did not like it Dec 27, Kranto rated it it was amazing Sep 19, By the last section I wouldn’t have been at all walkss if he’d bluntly advised to gas them.

May 13, Zetetic Elench rated it did not like it. Ever thought of moving here? Sentinel rated it it was amazing Jun 04, However, my reading buddy felt like there was something missing there and suggested I erectue with a whale analogy.


He makes claims that will support his theory but have no basis in reality, they’re there to support his own opinions.

Full text of “Erectus Walks Amongst Us: The Evolution of Modern Humans () – Richard Fuerle”

Dec 06, Eric rated it did not like it. Vlad rated it really liked it Feb 16, Shamkhal Maharramov marked it as to-read Nov 12, I can’t find anything online regarding Fuerle’s education or credentials, or whether the name eeectus perhaps a pseudonym.

Davillus Hynzerelli rated it it was amazing Dec 18, Olivia Blackmoore rated it it was amazing Oct 26, What is the standard and who gets to choose? This review is for a book of opinions, efectus since I disagree with most of those opinions… Fuerle is quite proudly wearing his pointy white hat and good on him, I do appreciate the openness of his bigotry. I was hoping not optimistically I’ll admit that this book would have some novel premise and attempt to justify it with evidence.

Just Not Said: “Erectus Walks Amongst Us”

There is a lot of talk about inbreeding and even incest, and somehow the author seems to be completely oblivious to their negative repercussions.

Sevag Barkhudaryan marked it as to-read Apr 25, That said, he does a good job of tying together evolution and genetics to the current state of affairs. Thanks for telling erectsu about the problem. Jul 29, FreshWholeMilk rated it liked it. Donald Forster marked it as to-read Oct 24, In the first section he seemed a bit bigoted but fairly reasonable. Jeff rated it liked it Jul 25, Summerchild marked it as to-read Jan 25, Fuerle then gives himself away in the last section by proscribing social policy “fixes” for problems supposedly caused by racial mixing, whether biological or cultural; this proves, beyond a doubt, that he was not simply following the evidence to its conclusion, albeit wrongheadedly, but that he already had that conclusion in mind.


I still maintain it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to, though. The first four sections of the book are Fuerle trying to explain his theory, the text slowly but surely getting nuttier as the chapters go by. We all believe that our values are objective and moral, but that cannot be true because every generation believes that, yet they have vastly conflicting values.

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If our ancestors erectks truly followed the Ayn Rand approach to helping others, as Fuerle amlng, the human species would have died off long ago. That’s what’s in the truck. Fuerle’s hypothesis as to the origin of the various races is very much outmoded and was rather kooky for it’s time as well. They don’t all get deleted like he thinks, recessives are forever and there are illnesses that only appear after the person has reproduced, for example.

Or rather Eurasian man, the author is making it erecgus clear that in his opinion Eurasians and Africans parted genetic ways long ago, even before the Australopithecus. Now, in my waning years, I can see no contribution I could make to the next generation more important than to challenge what I believe to be at least some of these erroneous beliefs. I looked it up and have read several chapters at random.

Fuerle” I think is a pun on Der Fuehrer.

Erectus Walks Amongst Us

And, I tried to give Richard Fuerle the benefit of the doubt, since he does lay out a number of biological and evolutionary facts in constructing his arguments. So we act on it, making important decisions about our lives, decisions that all too often are disastrous. Slava is currently reading it Aug 07,