ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is a motherboard configuration specification developed SFX; TFX; WTX; AMD GES; 5 EPS12V ATX also made the PS/2-style mini-DIN keyboard and mouse connectors Power Supply Design Guide, v ยท EPS12V Power Supply Design Guide v Insignia W ATX12V /EPS12V Power Supply: Designed to power select computers; W continuous power; ATX12V /EPS12V Specifications. We’ll answer PSU spec questions of modular vs. non-modular PSUs, EPS12V vv The EPS (Entry-level Power Supply) standard is.

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As transistors become eps1v2 on chips, it becomes preferable to operate them on lower supply voltages, and the lowest supply voltage is often desired by the densest chip, the central processing unit. The connector pin pitch is 4. This voltage was required by the ISA bus, which is no longer present on almost all modern computers. Wikimedia Commons has media related to ATX. The gains of using an efficient power supply are more substantial in computers that use a lot of power.

When the switch on the power supply is turned off, however, the computer cannot be turned on with the front power button.

ATX – Wikipedia

Now all modern computers use switched-mode power supplies, which are soec, less costly, and more efficient than equivalent linear power supplies. Testers can confirm the presence of the correct voltages at each power supply connector.

The power on the 3. For some power supplies the repeated restarting is audible as a quiet rapid chirping or ticking emitted from the device. This is a minor revision from August Although a power supply with a larger than needed power rating will have an extra margin of safety against overloading, such a unit is often less efficient and wastes more electricity at lower loads than a more appropriately sized unit.


The power supply’s connection to the motherboard was soec from the older AT and LPX standards; AT and LPX had two similar connectors that could eps12vv accidentally interchanged by spef the different keyed connectors into place, usually sec short-circuits and irreversible damage to the motherboard the rule of thumb for safe operation was to connect the side-by-side connectors with the black wires together. An early microcomputer power supply was either fully on or off, controlled by the mechanical line-voltage switch, and energy saving low-power idle modes were not a design consideration of early computer power supplies.

A power supply that is self-certified by its manufacturer may claim output ratings double or more than what is actually provided. The switched-mode supply uses a ferrite-cored high frequency transformer and power transistors that switch thousands of times per second. The original ATX specification called for a power supply to be located near to the CPU with the power supply fan drawing in cooling air from outside the chassis and directing it onto the processor.

The laptop then refuse non-matching adapter. The reasons given for this approach to power supply are that it eliminates cross-load problems, simplifies and epw12v internal wiring that can affect airflow and cooling, reduces costs, increases 922 supply efficiency, and reduces noise by bringing the power supply fan speed under the control of the motherboard.

Climate Savers Computing Initiative promotes energy saving and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions sped encouraging development and use of more efficient power supplies. Various initiatives exist to improve the efficiency of computer power supplies.

Power supply unit (computer)

Originally at the time of ATX 2. Screw holes not completely compatible with some ATX cases. Once the output power is ready to use, the Power Good signal tells the digital circuitry that it can begin to operate. Modern personal computers spev use switched-mode power supplies.


Opposite the wire bundle is the back face of the power supply, with an air vent and an IEC C14 connector to supply AC power.

It has a pin main connector same as ATX12V v2. A Reference Of Specifications”. Various initiatives exist to improve the efficiency of computer power supplies. ATX Advanced Technology eXtended is a motherboard configuration specification developed by Intel in to improve on previous de facto standards like the AT design. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from September Articles containing potentially dated statements from January All articles containing 992 dated statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Power supply unit (computer) – Wikipedia

Misquoted and misunderstood” PDF. It is specified in Revision 1. In some cases, in violation of their own advertising claims to epd12v it. Retrieved from ” https: The official ATX specifications were released by Intel in and have been revised numerous times since.

The new connector also provides a 3. Many power supplies create their 3.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The gains of using an efficient power supply are more substantial in computers that use a lot of power.

In designs using identical chokes, the pulse width manage the ratio. This pinout on the motherboard connector is as follows when viewing the motherboard from above:. Efficient power supplies also save money by wasting less power; as a result they use less electricity to power the same computer, and they emit less waste heat which results significant energy savings on central air conditioning in the summer.

Some of these PSUs use two different chokes, feeding the to the 3.