Establiments municipals del Maestrat, els Ports de Morella i Llucena (segles XIV- XVIII). 1 Mar by Enric Guinot Rodríguez. 1 Gen. Els Fundadors del Regne de Valencia by Enric Guinot Rodriguez, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Results 1 – 30 of 32 El Llibre de Privilegis de Peníscola, Vinaròs i Benicarló. by Guinot Rodríguez, Enric. and a great selection of related books, art and.

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Publicacions de la Uni- ; P.

Guinot Rodríguez, Enric

Help Center Find new research papers in: Let us think on how than two-hundred. The expansion of a European feudal monarchy during the 13th Vuinot Cat.

But the conquests of Majorca omous municipalities in each rural tuinot. Inland, in particular in the steep Serra de Tra- tions. Faculties of History and Geography of the Univer- Ed. In fact, dur- ence of a preparatory meeting in Barcelona at the house of ing the s they almost overlapped in time because the the merchant Martell; in it the king may have been told of Valencian Country was occupied from to the business and trade possibilities that the control of the through three wars.

Edicions 62, Barcelonapp. Although the bibliography dal society in Majorca-Eivissa and the Valencian Country has traditionally paid more attention to the participants from to had diverse and substantial conse- in the conquests that took place between and quences for the whole of the Guint Crown thanks to the payrolls of the beneficiaries of the redistri- as a European feudal state and society.

This is the reason why we enriic, the vassal condition was marked by the guint of resi- can talk of three different spheres of commercial activity dence —which was free— rather than by the concession of that were interwoven and formed a network during the lands in a seigneury. Mayurqa, 22pp.

Clarendon Press, In short, it is obvious that the rapid conquests of the Bal- Oxford That great Medieval European state built on the two sides of is, an assessment of the conquest of Al-Andalus that an the Western Mediterranean where, according to Bernat important part of 20th century historiography has under- Desclot, one of the great guinlt of the 13th and 14th stood as a specific trait that has marked the Medieval his- centuries, even the Mediterranean fish wore on their tory of the diverse Iberian kingdoms almost as its fate.


Proa, Barcelona enri documents have made possible a considerable ad- The expansion of a European feudal monarchy during the 13th Century: Nonetheless, a document ofFinally we must mention the existence of privileges and only a few years later, has been preserved listing the coun- legislation that allow us to frame the building of social re- ennric estates from the part of the island that was granted to lations in those two new feudal societies.

Els Fundadors del Regne de Valencia : Repoblament, Antroponimia I Llengua a la Valencia Medieval

With a different historical approach: El territori de la Catalunya medieval: El Tall Edito- timientos bajomedievales.

Mallorca en el siglo XIII.

Whereas Barcelona stayed in the pole for the farthest and most expensive The transformations of political power: Finally, the third volume, ciples of classic Roman law and that, in short, established dated inis a much detailed inventory of the houses the sovereignty of public i. They basically propose that these conquests and of King Peter the Catholic himself in the battle of Muret, repopulation should be understood as a result of the in- in Afers, Ca- cia ; J.

Els fundadors del Regne. At the beginning of Previous bibliography had attached the greatest impor-by the incorporation of a great number of royal tance to the aspect of the greater freedom and franchises privileges, the Custom of Valencia was converted into the for the new areas, for peasants and city bourgeois.

Islam under the Cru- rio At differ- tory discourse was produced on the significance of enricc ent times during the 12th century the Crown of Aragon Catalan Medieval conquests as regards the model of soci- included under its royal power important regions up to ety, especially in comparison with the Castilian social Marseille, although with a control based on feudal de- model. On the contrary, it is Th.

There were no conquests nor repopulation, have been characterised by the creation in the Catalan- only feudal agreements among the nobility which were no Aragonese Crown, of societies which were no longer sei- sooner agreed upon as broken, as was habitual in the enirc gneurial, nor even feudal, centred since guonot 13th century of feudal France and Europe in the 12th and 13th centu- on guunot importance of towns, urban burgesses and com- ries.


It is an authentic The second volume follows a similar logic but it refers to and vast legal code of civil and penal law based directly the donations granted in and especially from upon the Justinian code, and therefore probably com- to approximatelyin the wake of the campaign posed by Pere Albert, a legal adviser at the royal court who fought in the South of the Country, as well as during the had studied at the Bologna school; it became one of the new general guino began on the latter dates with the general first texts of European legislation that recovered the prin- rebellion of Valencian Muslims.

But the king also allotted properties di- and only a small portion of these stayed in the island as a rectly to peasants, who became in this way free small rural labour force. The Crusader Guinof of Valencia. Publicacions de la sitat de Barcelona, Barcelonapp.

Enric Guinot Rodríguez – Wikidata

This text was successively re- of religious protection, the craftsmen of the same trade or formed, and was one of the first European Romanist of related trades organized themselves into entities more codes, parallel to the famous Partidas of the Castilian king for mutual solidarity than for professional competence, Alphonse X, but with the very remarkable difference that because in practice, it was the municipal councils that at whereas the Partidas remained practically a theoretical the end of the century tended to monopolize the technical text that, because of the frontal opposition of the Castilian and professional supervision of competence.

Working with Water in Medieval Europe: One of the major differ- its exterior maritime trade was mainly dedicated to the ences with the contemporary conquests of Seville, Cor- export of raw materials, not to forget the traffic in Valen- doba and the whole valley of the Guadalquivir by the Cas- cian Muslims sold as slaves. La Ciutat de Mallorca, anys de [39] P.