The Treasure of the Sierra Madre is a American dramatic adventurous neo- western written and directed by John Huston. It is an adaptation of B. Traven’s. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. LibraryThing Review. User Review – stef7sa – LibraryThing. Dont expect too much of psychology here, its mainly an adventure tale, or rather a series of those.

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Loitering on Tampico’s main plaza, he collects a number of generous handouts from well-to-do men who wear white suits. The approach to the diggings are carefully camouflaged with boulders and trunks.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Only you must not go to the man who tells you this, for he has no job to offer and doesn’t know anyone who knows of a vacancy. Curtin raises the question as to how much each gold share will bring in cash. Howard marre the younger man: Need I say more? The social history yraven with the mine presents a litany of horrors, beginning with the Aztecs and proceeding to the forced labor of indigenous people by the Spanish conquerors.

In the end, the tragedy is complete as the object of the lads’ efforts evaporates on the windswept plains and the l starts to repeat itself. Actor Robert Blake also appears as a young boy selling lottery tickets. The outlaws, upon examining the contents of the pack, find only what appears to be sand in burlap bags.

Despair and madness prevail among the survivors, as they are stripped of their possessions.

The old man’s outburst is such that Dobbs and Tesorro suspect he has gone mad. Se cuentan las dificultades y las precarias condiciones laborales. In time, they amass a fortune in placer gold. His conscience troubles him, but he finally falls into a deep sleep. John Huston’s film version is undoubtedly the superior work being one of the greatest films of all time, IMHOso if one must choose between the two, the choice mxdre obvious.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The seirra work hour shifts, seven days a week for the duration of the project and no overtime pay. Howard warns his cohorts that the next phase — transferring the gold dust back to civilization — may be the riskiest phase and they become preoccupied with its challenges.


El Tesoro de la Sierra Madre by B. Traven (, Hardcover) | eBay

Dobbs gloats over his presumed killing of Curtin and tesroo double-dealing of Howard. The writing is accessible and fairly pedestrian, with some occasional touches of artistry.

With property to defend, they adopt a bourgeois outlook, suspicious of the have-nots. Howard is called away to assist local villagers to save the life of a seriously ill little boy. Powerfully captures the madness and paranoia inherent in the lust for riches, particularly when this takes place amid some hardscrabble vagabonds who don’t really have much of a choice in the matter.

As the man bandit group prepare to spend the night, one member explores the vicinity and discovers Curtin in the trench. lw

One of the soldier mutinies with the Mestizos, and he demands that Dona Maria marry him and make him master of the fortune. The results provide for suspense and Traven’s fine delineation of character makes the story both believable and interesting. Of the three, only the old man has any perspective. Howard rejoins Dobbs and Curtin and they resume their journey, but they are shortly overtaken by the father of the boy he saved.

Warner jumped up in the middle of the scene and shouted to a gaggle of executives, “If that s. I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges! The bandits, or rebels, as the case may be, are poor and politically ignorant agrarians who perform these deeds in struggle between the Catholic Church and the government of Mexico. Traven is, of course, Archimboldi.

Evidence suggests that he was born Otto Feige in Schlewsig-Holstein and that he escaped a death sentence for his involvement with the anarchist underground in Bavaria.

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre was one of the first Hollywood productions to be shot on location outside the United States in the state of Durango and street scenes in TampicoMexicoalthough many scenes were filmed back in the studio and elsewhere in the US.

Curtin is at first offended, distraught at the loss of the fortune, but finally joins the old prospector in his ironic mirth.


The Treasure of Sierra Madre is a great book often overlooked today, but still mare a bit of a cult following. Three men seek their fortune in gold, finding that it is a chore and there are unimagined perils. Insgesamt ist das Buch ist Dieses Buch hat sich echt gezogen, was, wie ich denke, daran lag, dass darin leider nicht wirklich etwas passiert.

El Tesoro de la Sierra Madre by B. Traven (1963, Hardcover)

Warner had the unit return to Hollywood when the budget started to exceed three million dollars. At the remote diggings, she endures privations better than her husband, and handles her poorly paid employee adroitly. Howard and Curtin, arriving back in Durango in a dust storm, reclaim their pack animals, only to find the severed and empty gold brkno.

Traven first got the novel right. They promise to rendezvous with him in Durango. The widow Dona Maria goes to bury her deceased spouse. Driven by entrepreneurial self-interest, Dobbs and Curtin work to the limits of their endurance. The film is often described as a story about the corrupting influence of lx. Well, the novel is so much more. The men spot McCormick in the central plaza, promenading with his meretricious mistress.

Fortunately, two of Huston’s associates, Diego Rivera and Miguel Covarrubiaswent to bat for the director with the President of Mexico.

El tesoro de la Sierra Madre – B. Traven – Google Books

bfuno Be the first to ask a question about The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. I loved how Traven tells not just one story of three men and their search for gold in the Sierra Madre, he also tells stories of others who have searched and found treasure and what happened to them.

He settles down on a farm in his native Kansas. Dobbs, regretting having agreed to transport Howard’s gear, lashes out at Curtin.

Howard, Curtin and Dobbs, each more or less in thrall to the gold, hold a private counsel and vote to kill the newcomer.