NICAN MOPOHUA, the original XVI Century Guadalupe’s apparitions story. NICAN MOPOHUA (“HERE IS TOLD”) and set down in order how a short time ago. A complete title of the Nican Mopohua was translated by the Library’s was imprinted an image of La Morenita, Mother of God, on the garment. Nican Mopohua. The summary of the text from this book was made by Father Johann Roten, S.M. with the permission of the publisher and author. Stream of.

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Nahuatl scholars and historians in Mexico lean to or accept authorship by Antonio Valeriano. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Readings in Classical Nahuatl: Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

In the bishop’s palace he had a long time to wait. Am I not thy shield? The other parts are clearly different and with greater Spanish influence. The tract comprises 36 pages and was published in Mexico CityMexico in by Luis Laso de la Vegathe vicar of the chapel of Our Lady of Mopohuq at Tepeyac outside the same city.

Terrified the flowers would fall to the floor, he lifted a corner of his cloak to placate his tormentors.

Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe

Mexicans even today are sometimes mocked by other Spanish speakers for their “excessive” use of diminutive forms. Go to first chapter Return to top. Es la principal fuente de nuestro conocimiento del Mensaje de la Sma. Elise Dac translated the Spanish text into English.

There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions niacn this text, as well as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous.

Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

By Names of Visionaries. But it is even less reasonable to equate -tzin to any standard English usage. A whole hican of these occurs in line Juan Bernardino personifica al Pueblo Mexicano conquistado, abatido, contagiado. Studies, devotional literature, pictures and even web sites abound. Juan plucked the flowers and, descending at once, he offered the Virgin the heavenly blooms.

The Nican Mopohua section by Valeriano of Lasso de la Vega’s account is related in a poetic style, typical of the most elegant formal classical Nahuatl in its full beauty. Then he unfolded his white cloak and, as the lovely blooms were strewn on the floor, the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe suddenly appeared on the cloth just as it is to be seen today, painted by a divine hand on the cape of Juan Diego.


The autos reflect only Spanish Christian thinking, nnican the main niican of the Nican Mopohua is the exceptional blending of the best of two cultures. As he circled the hill, he saw Our Lady treading majestically down the slope: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Su Buena Noticia es una palabra eficaz. Special thanks to Stephen Menn for his eagle-eyed attention and his kindness in getting back to me when he discovered problems. Guadalupe is more than a shrine. Luis Becerra Tanco —a secular priest, affirmed that the Nahuatl account was based on long-standing oral tradition in a deposition for the inquiries of Francisco de Siles, who was commissioned to compile documentation of the continuity of the Virgin’s popular cult since the time of her apparition.

II, Guadalupan Studies 4. Her raiment shone like the sun; the rock on which she dl her foot seemed to be hewn from precious stones and the ground red like the rainbow.

They were fresh, covered with the night’s dew, whose drops shone like precious pearls. The preface ends with a short prayer in two lines pleading the Virgin’s intercession for the assistance of the Holy Spirit in writing in Nahuatl.

Forgive me the great grief I cause thee, lady and mistress mine.

Seeing his refusal to show them what he was carrying, they began to tug at his cloak, in spite of the moopohua petitions the poor Indian put up. For emergencies, call UD Public Safety, Most authorities agree on this and on the dating of its authorship, namely c. I saw the prelate and related to him thy message. Juan Diego le dijo: This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat On the one hand, it is a diminutive, used for children and pets.

In Paradise, in heaven perhaps? Send, Lady, a person of mark that he may believe it. The Bishop put many questions to him about the apparition and he related everything with accuracy. The earliest printed edition now known dates fromabout ninety years after the work was composed. Go to introductionmain Nahuatl pageAztec Folio reference grammar.

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The sweet, tender singing surpassed the trilling of the most exquisite birds. En el manto de la Virgen de Guadalupe se encuentra representado con mucha fidelidad, el cielo del solsticio de invierno de que tuvo lugar a las Al llegar Juan Diego al palacio del Obispo salieron a su encuentro el mayordomo y otros criados del prelado.

The Indian related what ncan Holy Mother of God had told him and described the glory in which she had lately appeared to him. Immediately thereafter the cape was hung in the chapel.

Don Antonio Valeriano, a descendant of the royal house of Tacuba that stemmed from the Emperor Moctezuma II, was a figure of great importance in the middle of the sixteenth molohua. He was given the baptismal name Juan Diego and is today known as St. Some sources place Valeriano’s birth, at Azcapotzalco, as early ashence just before the fall of Tenochtitlan. The Nican Mopohuawhich has been described as “A Jewel of Nahuatl literature, whose beauty and depth of thought make it worthy of renown the world over”, relies on the beauty of the dialogues between the Holy Virgin and St.

The hill of Tepeyac is said to have been a sacred place of long standing, the seat mmopohua the cult of an obscure goddess known as “Our Beloved Mother” To-nan-tzinwhose name, after the Spanish Conquest, became confusingly suggestive of the veneration of the Virgin Mary of Catholicism.

Unfortunately, my mopohha of Nahuatl is insufficient for me to appreciate whether the flow of verb forms here is clumsy nicaj Nahuatl or not. However, there is a document about Guadalupe which is not often mentioned.