“Verbal and Nonverbal Messages in Maria Luisa Bombal’s ‘El Arbol”‘. Nina M. Scott. “Cuando una mujer latinoamericana toma entre sus manos la literatura lo. María Luisa Bombal Anthes was a Chilean author. She was the daughter of Martín Bombal La última niebla/The House of Mist (); La amortajada/The Shrouded Woman (); El árbol/The Tree (); Islas nuevas/New Islands ( ). Brigida, the protagonist of Maria Luisa Bombal’s short story “The Tree,” considers herself a silly, stupid woman because of the way the men in her life treat her.

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During the s when most of her fellow writers were turning out works emphasizing social conflict, Bombal turned inwardly for her inspiration and produced several works of remarkable artistic quality.

During most of her life Bombal did not achieve the fame she deserved, although in her last years the Chilean government granted her a stipend. Brigida, the protagonist of Maria Luisa Bombal’s short story “The Tree,” considers herself a silly, stupid woman because of the way the men in her life treat her.

María Luisa Bombal – Wikipedia

The end of the music recalls the sound of the ax and the fall of the tree, and the auditorium lights evoke for the reader the “terrifying” glare that overtakes the room. Camila Villalobos Maureira rated it liked it Jan 02, arhol Paulina Amaya rated it liked it Apr 20, The story is characteristic of mafia work in that it presents a poetically rendered reality and the theme of a woman’s isolated and marginalized existence in search of love, communication, and understanding.

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The story line is relegated to a lesser role, particularly in The House of Mist.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Her inner sanctum is invaded, however, when the tree is cut down. The author uses the imagery of Brigida dressed in white on a bridge to portray the innocence and youth of the protagonist.

María Luisa Bombal

By giving life to the tree Bombal creates a paradoxical situation because Brigida refers to it as the rubber tree. An autumnal landscape blends with an acceptance of the tree as a mature and natural companion. The protagonist’s tale is a recollection during a concert of her past life.

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Brigida likened the rubber tree’s reflection to a world “submerged in an aquarium. The intricate structure and effective use of concrete imagery contribute to a vivid portrayal of the protagonist’s agonies, providing the reader with a universal experience of isolation and alienation in a changing world. Franco rated it liked it Oct 31, Reality and illusion clash vividly in the tragic outcome.

Silence and Music Brigida discovers that her silence has far more power than her words.

The Joyful Ignorance Recedes Friendless and unable to communicate with her older husband, Luis, Brigida plays Beethoven during early in her marriage, his music symbolizing her growing sense of displacement. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Silly Sounds of Youth Brigida adores playing Mozart in her youth, yet her father uses her various musical shortcomings to demean her mental facilities.


She incorporated the secret inner world e her women protagonists into the mainstream of her novels. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. In a powerful image her room shrinks before our eyes as she becomes aware of an enormous skyscraper that has replaced the bomnal.

By mari recollection, its waves were a gentle force that pushed her toward marriage, but upon their retreat she was left utterly alone. Bombal portrays the experiences of a woman, Brigida, who followed the social norms of marriage and ended up feeling unhappy and alone. Because she demonstrates awareness of the composer in this segment of the program, we divine her maturity and understanding of her own life.

The most notable element of the story is the contrast between the vigorous narrative movement and the protagonist’s static life. It has a great message and paints an interesting image of the patriarchy and how women are viewed in a patriarchal society. The structure oscillates between two types of realities, the temporal and the spatial. This paradox adds to the marvelous fantastical genre of the story. In The Shrouded Woman the protagonist lies dead in her coffin, viewing the chief mourners who come by to see her one by one, reliving her love affairs and family relationships with a final clarity and futile wisdom.