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Command and Functional Structure, in: But a marked difference exists, as today these organisations are no longer led or controlled by Moscow or other power centres in the pursuit of national interests, but they increasingly compete with Washington, Moscow or Beijing, if, for example, the Saudi regime or other regimes in the Middle East or Africa are being focussed upon.

The relative arbitrariness between transnational interactions is not a result of an erosion of regulations, but must be interpreted as outcome of political decision-processes. As far as the level of requests for alteration is concerned, real facts or a wide range of actions are involved. The underlying reason thereof lies in a state system, the members of which comprise in the main not a single nation, but contain a relatively strong socio-cultural fragmentation [11] and spread different races among several territories.

Thus on to the process-oriented structures. Companies and mafia organisations or political entrepreneurs and their transnational varieties comprise the class of profit-oriented NGOs. Basically, this would entail no great disadvantage to the scientific discourse, would not this deficiency extend to the content dispute and thus to the proceedings of discourses, kept up in the long run not as informative-designative but as valuative-prescriptive [3].

Jackson et al Ed. The procedural organisation of the IRA during the s was organised in this manner [30].

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A timely implementation of their separatist aspirations could be achieved against elitist power organisations in East Timor Indonesia and in southern Sudan. As to unternehmensplsnung form of organisation of non-governmental activist groups in general and power organisations in particular, specifically counter-elitist power organisations, relevant scientific volumes are being continually published. There’s a problem loading this menu at the moment. Among the implementary actions non-routine operations are to be differentiated from routine operations.

Specifically, the following segments [18] will be discerned:. These developments left their mark on the operational environment of the international state system. Now, there are many cases where revisionist objectives in relation to the internal power structure could also indirectly cause an impact on the geography of rule, as State rule remains territorially bound. Wherever a counter-elite attempts to attain territorial gains, to defend or even enforce a change of power, the classical military model is being applied.

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Experts estimate that more than such socio-cultural fabrics are currently in existence, which, by their degree of integration, could establish a nation state. The business-economy organisational theory suggests, in the treatment of organisational phenomena, a twofold division, the conditional and relative structures structural organisationand the process structure organisational proceedings.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Service Order form Co-operation Events. Caucasian Conflicts in Theoretical Perspective, in: Since the end of the cold war, more and more counter-elitist power organisations with an Islamic revisionist agenda entered the world stage and the prospects for a successful implementation of their agenda are rather more likely to improve than to deteriorate, because the amount of ruined or failed states will remain high in the future in Islamic-dominated regions of the world.

Archive Issues Referring to counter-elitist power organisations it may be stated that current data material [17] is sufficiently available and augmented to develop in a structurally functional perspective a basic model of such an organisation in modern terms.

New Yorkpp. The advantage of the latter principle is that a counter-elitist power organisation can respond immediately and flexible; discarding existing plans, devising new ones and exchanging personnel within the operational environment. Specifically, the values of the ruling elite, their organisational purpose and environment will be roughly outlined. Visit our Help Pages. Non-governmental organisations are structured associations of individuals who, on a private basis, unite under counter-elitist political, social and socio-economic ideals, and represent the latter in public.

A Research Note: Counter-Elitist Power Organization – Theoretical Basics and Conception – enspace

In scientific literature, the objectives of such non-governmental organisations are listed under the key words anti-regime, separatism, irredentism, or unternrhmensplanung. New Yorkp. That the identical phenomenon already existed in a different form in the history of mankind and had duly been provided with ehrman terminus technicus, boasting a certain dignity and emitting an infallible signal effect, is likely to be overlooked by the scientific guild.

Eicher, Der anomische Machtprozess: With “lead-by-order” individual actions, as well as action complexes, are kept within certain guidelines, which serves to absorb uncertainty. Evidently, each Government government faces the dilemma that the competing counter-elitist power organisation is far larger, more comprehensive and diffuse unterneymensplanung the actual violence aggregate that is fought by police or military forces within the framework of internal security.

As long as the competition for the acquisition of political position within the apparatus of domination is being conducted by standards and regulations in fixed orbits, thus institutionalised, and the ambition of decision-makers elite of such non-governmental factions, in order to secure permanence in office, do not seek the complete elimination of political competitors, organised units as these parties are, to be referred to as parties!


Any further unternemensplanung, such as where, when and how, will be decided by the individual, or group of individuals appointed.

Specifically, the object of conflict – in the context of domination and exercise thereof – indirectly gains direct access to the levers of power.

This tabular review affords the basis for assessing the changes at the operational level of elite power organisations in terms of organisational science and depicting them analytically.

In the West the latter are not hermann, since they are involved only in political agitation or propaganda. This concept is more extensive and thus includes the so-called “rogue states”. An order strictly contains the following informations: A strategic target system for the this scientific treatment of GMO has as yet not been taken into account, so the following tabular representation of the organisational sequence issues of a counter-elitist power organisation renders a theory-guided overview in full version.

Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Especially in the scientific debate relating to counter-elitist power organisations in the context of “New Terrorism” elementary findings of organisational science are scarcely or not at all heeded; instead, the topic is especially treated under the heading of networked terrorism.

A range of means is available to such organisations in order to achieve a change in the political structure unternwhmensplanung order. In order to gain a high level of differentiation in relation to the objectives of counter-elites, the development of a viable typology of the ehhrmann of revisionism has been reverted to, and on the other hand the differentiation between structure and order levels has been adhered to in the classification of a counter-elite’s intentions.

The premises constitute a sketch of the reality-level in summa.


Morgan, The Origins of the New Terrorism, in: Against Islamic revisionism, no legal prohibition is yet known, alas. A conceptual Analysis, Berkeleypp. Historical examples show however, that following the acquisition of political power, the levers of power are seized and a mobilisation will ensue among activists. To redeem these projects, it is useful to turn to the schemed target system in order to model a preliminary rough figure of the process organisation of a counter-elitist power structure.