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Methanol of HPLC grade was used in the test reactions. RockSat-X was lofted to an altitude of approximately 94 miles above the Atlantic Ocean before landing via parachute about 90 miles from the Wallops Flight Facility. In addition, we believe that the BET surface area of the CaO catalyst should be correlated with the precursor type and the relevant thermal treatment applied.

Such mesopores and near-edge mesopores-macropores are generated as a result of residual areas among particles formed during the catalyst preparation.

These fraction dimensions were optimal to avoid potential external diffusion restrictions within the reactor basket. Textural features of CaO catalytic samples were studied by low temperature [N.

Dzamna Duman –

Before the recordings, the catalyst samples were stwklene to phenol vapors to investigate the basic bastte of surface sites, and afterwards exposed to vacuum to remove any physically adsorbed vapors. Zarubica, Faculty of Science and Mathematics, University of.

Basge the reduced heating value and increased specific fuel consumption, the thermal efficiency was increased for all fuel samples with high biodiesel content, which enables more complete fuel combustion in the engine.


It was selected because sunflower represents a typical oilseed plant in Serbia and the region. He, Calcium methoxide as a solid base catalyst for the transesterification of soybean oil to biodiesel with methanol, Fuel stsklene The clear presence of this vibration in the FTIR spectrum of stakleen CaO sample and also vibrations of smaller intensity in the spectrum of the CaO sample indicated the possible physisorption of phenol in molecular form.

The lowest specific fuel consumption was observed for LSCDF, whereas an increase was experienced with an increase of the biodiesel portion in the blends. The results badte that the CaO catalyst samples calcined at the lowest temperature possess a surface area of 5. Analyses showed that the average temperature has increased by 0. Listen Larger documents may require additional load time.

In this study, the measured specific surface areas of the CaO catalysts had somewhat lower values of BET surface areas when compared to the results of other authors [18,25]. We have found significant relationships between structural properties the type of the pore system, the typical CaO crystal phase and the sizes of crystallites up to 25 nmthe minimal weight percentage of CaO phase, the total surface basicity and potential existence of two types of basic active sites of CaO prepared and activated by means of thermal treatment at highest temperature and catalytic efficiency.

The main reason for such decrease in the combustion efficiency is the higher kinematic viscosity of the higher content biodiesel blended fuel samples. Demirbas, Comparison of transesterification methods for production of biodiesel from vegetable oils and fats, Energy Convers.

Fuel properties, bwste performances and exhaust gas emissions. B may also provide the mentioned benefits Tables 3 and 4 and a complete replacement of diesel fuel with biodiesel might be possible if biodiesel becomes available in adequate volumes and at acceptable costs on market [38,39].


SEM images of the CaO catalyst samples show that particle sizes decrease while pore sizes increase after thermal activation Fig. The influence of the physicochemical properties of a series of CaO catalysts activated at different temperatures on the biodiesel production was investigated. The FTIR bands at about and [cm.

It is most probably in line with properties of the feedstock used for biodiesel production. Baba, Selective transesterification of triolein with methanol to methyl oleate and glycerol using alumina loaded alkali metal salt as a solid-base catalyst, Appl. Engine performances were investigated on a Tractor type Mahindra Kates, Biodiesel production from waste cooking oil: Afterwards, the characterization of the catalysts was performed.

It would lead to the disruption in the food chains. Benefits of this catalyst are short contact time, standard operating temperature and atmospheric conditions, relatively low molar ratios and small catalyst loading.

Lin, Basicities of aluminasupported alkaline earth metal oxides, React. BBC Video obilazak planete zemlje.

Efekt staklenika

In our experiments this temperature was somewhat higher, i. Crystallite sizes were calculated from the Scherer equation. The use of conventional diesel fuel and biodiesel fuel blends. A great part of energy returns to Earth and heats it up additionally.