Subject Code: EE Subject Name: Data Structures and Algorithms. Type: Lecture Notes. Syllabus Regulation: Attachment Type. EE Data Structures and Algorithms – SUBJECT CATALOG. SUBJECT RESOURCES: to search more about this subject. SYLLABUS. Content: EE / EE 36 / EE / Data Structures and Algorithms May/June Question Paper EEE 3rd Semester Regulation

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Product solution method of solving Laplaces equation in Rectangular; Spherical and Cylindrical coordinate systems; Methods of Images; Field plotting methods. Measurement of electrical quantities. Newer Post Older Post Home. RC and LC Oscillators.

Matrix decomposition, triangulation of matrices, product form of inverse generalized matrix inverse, Inverse matrix modification Solution of system of linear equations: Electron Theory of Solids: Application of field theory to electrical devices.

Postulates and fundamental theorems for Boolean algebra. Dependent and independent sources. Anti theft alarm for bikes. Constructional details of various types of cables, oil and gas-filled cables, voltage gradient, grading, sheath loss, thermal ratings, parameters.

If you are interested in continuing the operations by becoming a moderator, contact me immediately at admin eeecube. Transient response and reduction slylabus overshoot, sensitivity. Algebra of Operators and Interpolation: Method of successive approximations, Eulers method, Runge-Kutta method, Miline method. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. It has been an awesome experience to reach out to so many students. Atomic bonding, Bravais lattices, Miller indices, Structures of some common inorganic compounds and elemental solids, Braggs syllabua, Structural imperfections, Alloys and Binary phase diagram.


Generation of design ideas: Positive real function physical realizabilty conditions, properties of one port immittance functions and their synthesis. Review of Maxwells equations, Poynting theorem. Law of magneto static-vector potential, Boundary value problems in magneto static, current sheet and flux sheet. Numeric water level indicator. Problem formulation, solution by simplex, revised simplex and dual simplex methods, sensitivity analysis, goal programming, network flows; transportation and assignment models.

Special constructional features and limitations. Propagation of electromagnetic waves in dielectric and conductor, space sheet; Transmission lines.

Ee2204 syllabus pdf

Types and construction, production of starting torque, double revolving field theory, equivalent circuit, performance analysis, maximization of starting torque, testing. Introduction to high voltage measurements.

Vector groups; parallel operation and load sharing, phase conversion. Karnaugh map and Quine McCluskey method. Re2204 details; power flow diagram, machine impedance, coupled circuit equations, steady state analysis; equivalent circuit, phasor diagram, developed torque and power, torque-slip characteristic, effect of rotor resistance, starting methods, circle diagram, speed control, braking, high starting torque motors, unbalanced operation, effect of space and time harmonics, testing.


EE Data Structures and Algorithms – Lecture Notes (Einstein Edition)

Cost of electrical energy, load and diversity factors, combined operation of power stations. Electronic and Digital Instruments: Finite difference equivalent of Laplaces equation; Iteration and relaxation methods; Introduction to Finite Element method, Method of moments syllxbus charge simulation method, introduction to FEM package.


Poles and zeros, restrictions on pole and zero locations for driving point functions and transfer functions. Zyllabus programming, branch and bound method, tabu search, simulated annealing and genetic algorithms GA. Boundary Value Problems in Electrostatics: Creativity in engineering design, evaluation and consolidation of ideas, design decisions, design development.

Operation as motor-characteristics and their control, starting; Speed control; Braking; Applications; Losses and testing; Introduction to Cross-field machines. Lattice waves, Brillouin zone, Phonon dispersion, Lattice specific heat, Thermal expansion sullabus thermal shock resistance.

Time-domain response stllabus pole and zero plot. Generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power, AC and DC systems, underground and overhead lines.

Magnetic circuits, coupled coils: Electro-magnetic Instruments for the measurement of current, voltage, power and energy. Matrix methods and network theorems. Network representations and transform methods of network analysis.

Laplace transform method- Laplace transform. Induction generator, Induction regulators. Instruments for the measurement of power factor, frequency, phase sequence indicators. Complex potential transformations involving circular and elliptical boundaries; Bilinear and Schwartz Christoffel transformations.