educational media, held in Santiago de Compostela in September The theme for Edital de convocação para inscrição no processo de avaliação e seleção de livros Histoire de la littérature enfantine, Paris: Abin Michel. Carreras. Abin. Agência Brasileira de Inteligência. AC. Acre. Alap. Área sob Limitação Administrativa Provisória. Alos Climáticas (PNMC), lançada pela Lei de 29/12/ O edital correspondente à Floresta Nacional Saracá-Taquera . 27 jul. O edital do leilão bate com a explicação: discrimina o uso exclusivo dos equipamentos . O Sisbin está sobre o comando da Abin (Agência Brasileira de . entre e , chegou-se a apelidar o país de Grampolândia.

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I visited the Madeira River on my fact finding mission to Brazil in A month later, on the 7th of November a helicopter and dozens of men in flak jackets, armed with machine guns and assault rifles, descended upon Teles Pires. Belo Monte qbin being promoted as a source of green edial. As in Belo Monte, there is no indication how long the troops will remain The Munduruku have suspended talks with the government until the troops are withdrawn.

Belo Monte has already begun to seriously damage livelihoods and the environment. Some were ediral and shot at, sprayed with pepper spray.

The black and white-patterned Zebra Pleco fish, which is found only on the Xingu River, is likely to die out. Large international companies like Alstom, Andritz, Voith Hydro and Daimler, all of whom are involved in the construction of Belo Monte, editxl profiting from the dam at the expense of the tens of thousands of people who call ddital Xingu their home. The farcical, tragic reality is: In November work on Belo Monte stopped when disputes about pay and poor working conditions escalated into a riot among the construction workers, who ‘set fire to vehicles and mattresses, vandalized offices and canteens, burnt a bus and blocked the Trans-Amazon highway.

What will they do when the river changes forever? They are steamrolling human rights for profit – with the blessing of the Brazilian government.


Cop 15 Webcast

In the worst dam disaster in history, the flooding at the Banqiao Dam in China in26, people died in the flooding and anotherdied during subsequent epidemics and famine. Raimundo Irineu Serra Inst. By persisting with this unconscionable project, President Rousseff is failing her people.

This is a glaring inequity, and it seems the rights of indigenous peoples are the first to be sacrificed in the name of development and profit. The influx of tens of thousands of migrant workers into the nearby city of Altamira and throughout the region has caused an explosion of violent crime and sex trafficking. But I fear justice will not be done.

During the dry season, when the river is at its lowest level, the dam will only be able to produce MW. Climate Change Headlines Dossier: Belo Monte will be the third largest hydroelectric plant in the world and the second-largest hydroelectric dam in Brazil. Copenhaga Dossier The Ecologist: Climate Change Dossier The Ecologist: I met with indigenous leaders, with local communities, NGOs, government officials, extractavists – and the Bishop of the Xingu, Dr Erwin Krautler, whose concern and care for the people affected by Belo Monte was evident.

The village radio was confiscated, and the phone wires cut. Working conditions Conditions on the construction sites of Belo Monte are atrocious. Villagers being herded by air force, by Paulo Suess Was the edial gold dredge the real reason for the raid? The project was abandoned in after widespread protest.

Despite the people of the Xingu’s desperate opposition, despite condemnation from intergovernmental organisations and the international community at large, despite the urgent warnings of scientists that this dam is an environmental catastrophe, the construction of Belo Monte is being pushed forward.

I add my voice to the indigenous peoples’ appeal to President Rousseff to stop the construction of megadams across the country.

edital abin 2009 pdf

According to Brent Millikan of International Riversthis signals a new trend of intimidation; NGOs and protesters are being threatened with fines and imprisonment. Editxl should come as no surprise that land efital in Brazil are rife, and highly dangerous: Uptake Youtube Copenhaga To my surprise, the World Bank is recommending several large dam projects as regional infrastructure initiatives, including the Inga 3 dam on the Congo River, and hydropower projects on the Zambezi River.


What will happen to them when the dams are built? Live from Copenhaga Cop 15 Webcast.

It will not be long before the other species follow suit. The list of sins is comprehensive: De Olho na Floresta! Once more there is a feeling that impunity reigns in the Amazon region.

His body has not been recovered. We saw the great red scarred coffer dams, the beginnings of Belo Monte, rearing out of the river. Belo Monte will displace over 20, people, gravely endanger the survival of indigenous peoples and local communities and cause irreparable environmental damage to the Brazilian Amazon. Federal do Amazonas Univ. Local magistrates are being called upon to issue writs of ‘Mandado Proibitivo,’ which amount to restraining orders for protesters, preventing them from demonstrating near the construction sites.

We feel betrayed, humiliated and disrespected. Contacto minha maloca querida email.

Malinche II: “Deadly Sins in the Brazilian Amazon”

They face the destruction of their homeland and the end of their way of life. Not because they are a threat, but because their protests halt construction. The land along the Xingu River is home to 25, indigenous people from 40 ethnic groups, who have lived and worked in harmony with the river for thousands of years.

I attended an open meeting in the town hall, where I met with local communities and indigenous people.

According to Amazon Watchprotesting workers set fire to buses, living quarters and offices. It is large corporations, investors and the government who profit. The villagers, including women, children and elderly people, were teargassed, subdued and told to lie on edltal ground.

The installed capacity of 11, Megawatts MW will on average only generate 4, MW due to large seasonal variations in river flow.