MXT / MXAT (Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication (8bit,1stop, No The Control Table is a structure of data implemented in the Dynamixel. Dynamixel MXT Smart Serial Servo (TTL) and other robot products. At RobotShop, you will find everything about robotics. Note: For MX () Firmware, please refer to the MX () Control table Connect your DYNAMIXEL to power supply while it’s off and turn on/off with the.

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This mode is ideal for articulated robots that each joint rotates less than degrees.

Servomotor Dynamixel MX-28AT

Initial value is 0 and range is from to A Dynamixel with a position of with an applied offset of outputs a Present position of It is recommended to use it for dynamixwl the direction and size of the force being applied to the joint.

The Control Table is a structure of data implemented in the Dynamixel. If absolute value of Present Velocity is greater than Moving Threshold 24Moving is set to ‘1’.

Present load is an inferred value based on the internal output value; not a measured value using torque sensor, etc. The unit is 0.

TTL uses 3-pin connectors while RS uses 4. When the Checksum of the transmitted Instruction Packet is invalid. Indirect Address 1 Two’s complement rule dybamixel followed to find the negative value. All acceleration related Data uses the same unit. Status Packet will be returned for all Instructions.


T his address stores firmware version of the Dynamixel. When the instruction transmitted from the user is received by Dynamixel, it takes following steps until driving the horn. Once error conditions are resolved and this value is changed to the value other than 0, the motor can be operated again.

Highest byte of Current Speed. The Maximum velocity of Profile can be set with this value. Users can select Dynamixel protocol version 1. These values are not used in Extended Position Control Mode.

The default Resolution Divider Value is set as 1.

The Highest Limit Temperature. A Dynamixel with a position of with an applied offset of outputs a Present position of This mode controls position.


Present Input Voltage That is, the 10th bit becomes the direction bit to control the direction. The PWM Control Mode changes pulse width to control average supply voltage to the motor and this technique is widely used in the motor control field.

Torque OFF Free-run and the motor does not generate torque. Return for all commands. Bus Watchdog 98 will be changed to ‘-1’ Bus Watchdog Error. It represents the location of data.


Servomotor Dynamixel MXAT

Lowest byte of Goal Position. For more details about the PID controller and Feedforward controller, please refer to the below websites. Acceleration time t1 can be calculated as below equation. The errors can be set are as the table below. P gain refers to dynamlxel value of proportional band. Access The Control Table has two different access properties.

It is also called Velocity Profile as it controls acceleration and deceleration based on velocity. There are three ways 82 the below table.

Therefore, if supplying voltage changes, so does the maximum velocity. If Lock is set to 1, the power must be turned off and then turned on again to change into 0.

Highest byte of Max. Select Types of Status Return. For more details, please refer to the Goal Velocity Highest byte of Torque Limit Goal Torque. Values Description Unit 0. Poppy dynamixle Poppy Humanoid Poppy Torso. If any values in the EEPROM area are modified by a user, modified values will be restored as initial values when the Dynamixels is turned on. Step and Trapezoidal Profiles are supported. Performance graph N-T Curve: