To obtain the most up-to-date version of this data sheet, please register at our Worldwide Web site This data sheet summarizes the features dsPIC33FJ DSPIC33FJ are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for DSPIC33FJ Pattern. dsPIC 33 FJ GP7 10 T I / PT – XXX. Tape and Reel Flag (if designated OC1 through OC8. Refer to the specific device data sheet for the number.

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It also has hardware support for dspic33fj2566 and sensor-less applications such as Hall sensors, optical encoder, back EMF and current sensing. Max PWM outputs including complementary. The dsPIC33F Motor Control products are also well-suited for Uninterrupted Power Supply UPSinverters, Switched mode power supplies, power factor correction and also for controlling the power management module in servers, telecommunication equipment and other industrial equipment.

This board is an ideal prototyping tool to help dspoc33fj256 quickly develop and validate key design requirements. The board supports the use of the internal, on chip OpAmps. CE – Open Drain configuration.


DSPIC33FJ Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

CE – Adaptive Notch Filter. The hardware is designed in such a way that no hardware changes are necessary for 8- 6- or 4-wire stepper motors in either bipolar or unipolar configurations.

Explorer 16 Development Board User’s Guide. It has a variety of test points that will make debugging of your application easier.


True Requires Compiler Support. It features all the necessary hardware to begin developing and debugging a complete embedded application. Motor Control and Drive Brochure. Hardware Conditioning of Sensor Signals. These devices are also available in extended operating temperature options. CE – SPI with two slaves.


Please contact sales office if device weight is not available. The board supports the use of the internal, on chip OpAmps Reference Manual Download All. In Production View Datasheet Features: The development board also comes CE – Signal generation, fractional sampling rate, interpolation, decimation.

For pricing and availability, contact Microchip Local Sales. Program flow changes between segments. Only show products with samples. It contains a single board with a BLDC motor, capacitive-touch sliders and a built-in debugger. Software to run motors in open-loop or closed-loop with full or The dsPIC33FJMCA family of devices supports a variety of motor control applications, such as brushless DC motors, single and 3-phase induction motors and switched reluctance motors.


The PICkit 3 is not recommended for new designs.

With a built-in debugger on the board, simply install the software and connect the USB cable to the computer. Electronic Solutions for Medical and Fitness. Buy from the Microchip Store. This uses dsPIC33F device family for the The board is capable of controlling motors rated up to 48V and 2. Application Notes Download All.